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How do you establish non productivity?

Have you heard of the stories of people who go to work and they have to line up like school boys to sign in their attendance when they arrive at the office? Has anyone told you that in some companies even though you are in sales you will still need to get back to the… Read More »

You Need To Know What You Are Selling

I wanted to purchase a certain type of outdoor light and I decided to drop by a lighting shop that I found along the street. I went in and found something that I liked. There were two salespersons over there. The one who attended to my questions seems like a novice as most of the… Read More »

The Many Faces of Customer Service

I am a customer of a particular organization. When I encounter problems with respect to the product that I purchased, it is only obvious that I seek the assistance of the customer service centre. Therefore I proceeded to call the general line which directed me to the operator, who in turn connected me to the… Read More »

It is all about the feeling

I stayed in atown tucked away from the city over the weekend. I checked in a nice hotel and was given quite a large room. I liked the first impression. I went out to catch up with my friends who showed me around town. Moving from one place to another takes only about five to… Read More »

Change and Leadership

In football, sometimes you will see there is a change the manager in the middle of the season. The change usually occurs when the team is not doing well and is on a losing streak. When a team is on a losing streak, motivation level will continue to dwindle and confidence start to fall apart.… Read More »

Focus on Profitability

In one particular show, two teams were pitted against each other however the number of people in each team differs. In order to judge the winner, the two teams needed to run a restaurant for twenty four hours and the winner will be judge according the team that accumulated the highest profit. The only employees… Read More »

Surpassing and Missing Targets

In every organization, targets are set so that there are goals so that employees could focus their energy on to drive towards the necessary results. Goals are important as they allow an establishment of a crystal clear direction especially when the goals have already been clearly communicated to the employees and they have understood what… Read More »

A True Salesman

I was walking in a shopping centre when a sales lady approached me and introduced herself. She enquired where I came from and started a small talk. She was a pleasant looking lady who made me comfortable with her topic of discussion. After a short chat, she wondered whether it would be of any interest… Read More »

Sales and Marketing

If a company owns a shopping place and decides to hold a special event to attract customers to the place, the company would most likely entrust the job to the marketing team. The task of the team is pretty straight forward. To ensure that many more people are well aware about the event and will… Read More »

There Will Always Be Superstars

During one of the football season, a striker played arguably the best matches of his life and almost single handedly orchestrated the elevation of fortune of his team within the league. His passion and hunger for excellence coupled with his new found confidence provided the necessary motivation to his team mates to believe in the… Read More »