A Decade of Reflection

By | November 24, 2014

Recently I read an article by a prominent economist discussing the state of the world economy of the last decade and I realise that if we were to reflect on what we did previously we should be looking at what we have done and achieved for the last decade
The last decade should probably be a more viable barometer on how we look at the progression of ourselves in terms of our accomplishment.
Time flows inexorably forward irrespective of our actions, so they say. However for those who comprehend the ideas behind the relativity theory, they would probably be compelled to believe that space and time are intertwined and will affect both parameters
Putting physics interpretation of time aside, we should probably be asking ourselves some pertinent questions on how we should evaluate our progression for the last decade
Are we happier compared to ten years ago?
Are we lonelier?
Are we tougher?
Have we grown up?
Have we found what we seek?
How have our needs changed?
How has our life changed?
Self evaluation of these subjects are difficult and will involve a lot more self searching than before
So what if we have found the answers to all or some of the questions above?
What should we do?
As what a renowned economics mahaguru would always preach, if we have all the available information in hand, what are we going to do about it?
In short, it is the execution that is of paramount importance
Execution is the key to almost everything as we grapples with the elements of procrastination which is considered as the thief of time
There are many times in life that we want a lot of things yet most of the time nothing is achieved probably because we never prioritize what we really want
There are probably times in life that we fight hard and seek everywhere for things that we really want yet we are unable to achieve it after a certain period of time
Once that period of time is up, what should we do?
Should we give ourselves a pat at our backs on our efforts and tell ourselves that enough is enough and we should find new priorities in life?
Or should we extend the so called grace period and continue to seek for the holy grail of our life?
If we do that, how long should we continue to search?
It is really difficult to quantify the timeframe
Sometimes we probably should just use our own gut instinct
Follow the voice of the heart, they say
Thrust the voice of the heart as it tells us what only we can hear and no one else
I remembered quite a while ago, I read somewhere a nice little thought penned by somebody in the magazine
It simply states that if you love someone, you should set him or her free
If he or she comes back, he or she is yours forever
That was a very sweet little remark
However, the conundrum here is how long should we wait for her or him?
The timeframe as I have always advocated is very subjective and only our hearts will be able to reveal the inner private thoughts of our mind
As we move into a new decade, shall we embrace revolutionary thoughts or shall we be conservatively progressive?
Shall we change the way how we perceive the world or shall we remain stationary in the progression of our thoughts?
There will be many more questions that will poke our inner thoughts and many more fundamental questions will surface in all likelihood
However what is important is that we continue to find purpose in our lives that we seek and live life to the fullest
Life is a continuous journey of exploration
What is important is not only the destination but the journey itself
Life is beautiful


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