Birthday Blues

By | November 29, 2014

Everyone celebrates their birthday.

The difference is in the way we celebrate this joyous occasion.
Some will throw week long parties.
Others seek joy in overseas holidays.
A few more would prefer some quite time for reflection.
Many more spend time with their love ones.
A lot more celebrate in many different ways.
On their birthdays, the boys and girls are the prince and princess of the day.
So the birthday boys and birthday girls have special privileges of the day.
What do birthdays really mean to us?
Apart from the obvious fact that we already have progressed an additional one more year.
As our birthday draws closer, how do we describe our feeling?
What does the voice of our hearts try to tell us?
If we were to reflect on what we have done the previous year, do we feel a sense of fulfillment?
Have we live to the fullest during the last one year?
Have all our measurable goals being met?
Are we still very much the same person as the year before?
Or have our evolving priorities fundamentally altered our perception on how we should live our lives?
As we approach our birthdays, has the value of time increased exponentially?
When we are very much in our teenage years, all these questions are probably not that relevant.
These philosophical questions probably only affect those who has accumulated a lot more experience in life and at the same time has reached a stage whereby the paradigm shift in their thinking is slowing taking shape.
However, having said that, birthday is a joyous occasion that ought to be celebrated in the most special way deemed possible.
As to how special, it is very much dependant on each individual.
There’s not set manuals on how best to celebrate birthdays.
Even so, birthdays should remind us of a few pertinent points.
How lucky that we still have many people out there who would be more than happy to share the special occasion with us.
How fortunate we are that we can still find the time to celebrate this joyous episode in life.
How we can still choose the way we should commemorate this memorable event.
That we are never really alone out there.
That love is always around us.
That love is here to stay.
This year I chose to go back home for my birthday.
I had breakfast with my mum and dad, enjoying a sumptuous home cooked traditional birthday noodles and two boiled red coloured eggs, a chinese traditional way of celebrating birthdays.
It’s a simple way to start the day.
However it was very meaningful to me.
The celebration continues.
Yet every single thing that we do on this day is special.
No matter how simple it is.
Simply because it is our very special day of the year.
Happy Birthday.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Blues

  1. Linda

    simple yet meaningful way of spending birthday with your parents indeed.


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