Desire to Win

By | November 20, 2014

Have you ever compete for anything in your life that your desire to win is so great that you are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to be a winner?
Have you ever transgress the normal boundaries associated with the rules of the game so that you can stay ahead of the pack and emerge victorious in the end?
Have you ever fought so very hard in the battlefield and yet still being relegated to the losing end?
How do you really define winning?
A lot of us fight to win.
Seldom do we fight to lose.
Unless its part of an overall battlefield strategy for a comprehensive victory.
Winning is a big word.
Yet have you ever felt so hollow sometimes even though you have emerge victorious?
Have you ever felt that the exhilarated feeling is somehow not complete even though everyone else is saviouring the victory?
Have you ever felt so lonely even in your finest hours of victory?
Within different context, winning carries an alternative meaning.
To a person who aspires realistically for a bronze medal based on his assessment of his own ability and the competitive evironment is still consider a winner even if he only settles for bronze.
To others, it might not be considered a win as he did not secure gold.
However, winning carries a different meaning in the eyes of various people.
Winning is no longer about being number one.
In one particular movie, a boy who has all the ability to emerge victorious only settles for third place as it guarantees him a pair of sneakers, one that he wanted to win for his sister.
He is still very much a winner in his own right as he fight for what he wants, in this case a pair of sneakers.
Would other people look at him as a winner?
Does it really matter what others think?
After all, they would probably not comprehend his delicate situation.
Winning depends on the interpretation of various school of thoughts.
There is no right or wrong.
In a keenly contested match, even though there emerge a winner, the loser might still consider himself a winner too as he probably never thought that he could put up such a good fight.
In the process, he learned a lot more about his own inherent ability, lay undiscovered until the very fight itself.
In one particular movie,while celebrating a victorious occasion after a winnning game, the main character realised how incomplete the experience is as the win was celebrated without the presence of his wife.
Only during the euphoria of the win did it precipitate an avalanche of feeling about his wife rendering him a taste of loneliness which in turn made him realise about how very much he loved his wife.
Without those victorious moments, he might not even experience the feeling of loneliness.
It is really a beauty how nature wish to demonstrate its true colours.
Winning is a journey never a destination.
In striving to win, we learn more about the limitations and the constraints that are set upon us.
We comprehend deeper why we behave in certain ways.
We unlearn what we have learned.
We learn a little more about ourselves.
And we learn to be better tomorrow.


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