Gravity and Love

By | November 24, 2014

wpid-img-20150325-wa0003.jpgGravity is akin a faceless entity, invisible yet wields such enormous strength that it can even bend light and curve space time in a manner unheard before. Gravity, thought to be fully understood during the Newtonian era of physics, yielded enough anomalies in its behaviour to the extent that it took Einstein’s Relativity to shed more light into its darkest secrets. Yet when General Theory of Relativity was finally formulated, so few people comprehend its repercussions as it continues fascinate even the most ordinary mortals.

Fascinations for this invisible force never ceased.

Until this very moment, its stubborn behaviour to being fully comprehensible only seeks to justify the continuous effort to shed the multitudes layers of mysteries that envelope such a thing called gravity.

Gravity is always attractive.

Never repulsive.

Between two objects, there will always be gravitational attraction.

Between two lovers, there is more than just gravitational pull towards each other.

As long as there exist mass, you will have gravity.

Gravity keeps your feet on the ground.

So that reality bites you.

Yet love leaves you levitating.

So that reality eludes you.

Gravity draws you nearer.

So that you are never fully free.

Love sucks you inwardly bound.

So that you are always in possession.

Trying to extricate yourself from the reach of gravity is akin to finding a path away from love.

Gravity will find you because you have mass.

Love shall envelope you because you have feelings.

Every object will fall freely under the influence of gravity.

Every individual shall fall to his or her knees under the influence of love.

Gravity listens to no one.

Love has no master.

Strength of gravity falls in greater magnitude as the objects are pulled further away from each other.

Distance does indeed reduce its strength.

Yet the power of love is even more unique.

Pushed further away by distance, both individuals’ feelings towards each other is hard to follow a predictable path.

Distance might make your heart grows fonder.

Yet distance could extinguish the burning flame.

At its peak, gravity can destroy everything in its path.

Like how a black hole rips apart the strongest metal on earth if it comes along its path.

At its fullest strength, love is like a tornado.

It can leave a trail of destruction without any prior warning.

Until today, gravity refuses to yield its true colours.

Tempting us with sporadic clues littered in the universe.

Yet gravity is still unfathomable.

Until now, love surrenders none other than intermittent clues.

Teasing us with relentless signs on earth.

Yet love is never comprehensible.

Perhaps both of them share something in common.

They were never meant to be fully understood.


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