How do we quantify the value of time

By | November 18, 2014

During my postgraduate days when I was tutoring,we were paid a ringgit per minute for a period of fifty minutes. I used to joke with my fellow tutors that if I were to take a five minutes toilet break during the class, I would still get paid an equivalent of five ringgit.
To be paid to answer nature’s call is really something.
A ringgit for each minute?
Is that really enough?
As we progress with time, the comprehension of the value of time becomes even deeper.
Psychologically, when we are involved in some form of activity, time seems to surge forward quickly.
However, when we are lying in the pool doing nothing, time moves at a snail’s pace.
When we are with somebody that we love, time seems to freeze.
Can we really attach a value to time?
A million ringgit?
The fact is every second is a priceless commodity.
With each passing second, we progress forward yet we could not reach backwards to reactify anything that we might wish to change.
What is done is usually difficult to be undone.
The reality of the situation is such that it forces us to comtemplate our actions in a serious manner as to allow us to achieve the desired results.
However the value of time becomes more evident as we grapple with the the natural progression of time that commensurate with an enlarged responsibilities and additional commitments.
This is clearly depicted by the example when you start to find your friends having lesser time for you as they find love in their life or enter in another phase of life in terms of marriage commitments.
Do we fault them?
Our priorities evolved with the progression of time hence as new commitments in terms of relationship and marriage comes into the picture, the available time needs to be divided between so many parties and the time spent with you might be reduced drastically.
Hence the desire should be emphasised on the quality of time spent.
Evolving priorities force us to press ahead for quality instead of quantity as there is only twenty four hours per day.
Nothing more and nothing less.
As there are more and more important people that venture into our life, we find ourselves being forced to prioritise our needs and to be more selective in the friends that we spend time with.
Naturally, the circle of friends might become narrower however those friends in the filtered group are the best among friends.
We start to attach an even higher value to time.
We realise that time is more precious than ever.
We look for ways to be more efficient in time management.
We prefer to spend more precious time with friends that are very dear to us.
We look forward to the time spent with our loved ones.
A paradigm shift in our perception of time has begun.
It becomes more pronounced than never before.
As we progress with time.

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