Interstellar Travel, Worm Holes and Black Holes

By | November 23, 2014

I watched a thought provoking movie with a remarkable story line that only reinforced the very notion that if you know physics, you seemed to be able to comprehend a little bit more. This is the second movie that I watched which introduced the very fundamental element of life, the idea how gravity could influence our daily life and how it would be able shape our destiny.

Relativity, Wormholes, Black Holes are words that caressed your thoughts and tickle your senses if you fall in love with Physics in the very first place. Yet to see how these words has been used to such great effect in the story line only reinforced the believe that Physics is everywhere and if we take a little of our precious time to understand it more, our experience can sometimes be a more complete than expected.

Special Theory of Relativity incorporates time as a fourth dimension and expounded the idea of interconnectivity between three dimensional space and the single dimension of time, hence the concept of the space time as a four dimensional element. The central theme is the constancy of the speed of light which resulted in the many bizarre possibilities never imagined before.

However for accelerating objects, we need to seek guidance from General Theory of Relativity and one of the greatest manifestation is the very idea of black hole, one of the possible scenarios after a supernova event. What is inside the black hole is anyone’s guess as the gravitational pull of the black hole is so strong that no light that goes into it ever bounces back to our very eyes.

Could there be an alternative universe if we are able to navigate our way across the event horizon through the singularity of a black hole? Or will there be parallel universe that is yearning to be discovered?

If we use wormholes as a bridge to an exciting world what will we find? Are there many more worlds like ours in the vast universe that we know?

No one really knows.

Despite all the knowledge that we have.

And we still seek for more.

Gravity reigns supreme in the universe, bending light in space time and keeping our feet firmly on the ground. Gravitational attraction exists among all bodies with masses yet the level of attraction drastically reduced if the distance between the bodies is increased.

That probably explains why you should keep your partner always in sight.

Distance does indeed have an influence on attraction.

In Relativity, time can be stretched like rubber bands and a person who travels in interstellar space can be very different in age relative to the person on Earth.

Time is such a precious commodity that we cannot quantify the commercial value of a single second. Yet if we can travel with a speed of light time stops completely.

I guess that’s how we feel when we are with someone that we love.

Time spontaneously halt by itself.

As we witness the world forge ahead without a blink of the eye.

How we wish that we travel through a wormhole, and perhaps travel back in time, even though it’s currently theoretically not possible, to rectify all the mistakes that we committed and undo all the harm that comes along with it.

Yet by doing that, we will change the future and perhaps alter the course of many events associated with it.

Chaos will then ensue.

Maybe that’s why it’s not possible.

What changed cannot sometimes be unchanged.

What happened perhaps is meant to happen.

We make mistakes.

We learned.

And be wiser so that we won’t make the same mistakes again.

Sometimes in life, you only have a single chance to make it right.

If we are lucky, we might get another shot.

If not, we need to find the strength to move on.

We can’t change the past.

Yet we can influence the future.

Relativity understands that.

We should too.









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