Lessons From A Taxi Driver

By | November 23, 2014

I once took a taxi to a meeting place and I had an interesting conversation with this humble, down to earth guy who is way past his retirement age. All his kids are already working yet he finds that by his earning living by being a taxi driver it keeps him occupied and he can earn some extra cash. He doesn’t really need the cash as his sons have made sure that he has his monthly allowance is sufficient for him to spend anything from food to others that might be of need to him.

He told me about his younger days when he was working in a factory and how he met his wife for the first time. He told me that he found her among other factory workers and from that moment onwards he knew that he would like to have her as his wife and the mother of his children when his kids are born.

Such simplicity deserves admiration.

I have a regular taxi driver whenever I need to travel to the airport or when I need to get home from the airport.

On one of those days, his son, in his twenties came to pick me up instead. We had a good chat in Cantonese even though it sounded more like a chicken and duck talk. However, what strikes me the most is when he related his present love experience to me. He told me, in a very proud manner, how he ended up in with relationship with acolleague who works in the same place as him after meeting her for one day.

The courtship was brief yet they are still together after three years.

I enquired from him how did he really know that she was the one after such a brief encounter.

He told me it was an intuition.

Nothing else.

I asked him how did he manage to convince her that he is the one.

He told me, in a joking manner, that he just electrified her with his actions and attention.

Such simplicity is truly admirable.

One taxi driver is already in his sixties.

Another taxi driver is in his twenties.

Yet they both subscribe to the same belief.

That perhaps the most important things in our life should be made as simple as possible.

No pretentious manner in the way how we present ourselves.

No need to be extravagant in our approach.

The necessity to contemplate the myriads of possibilities should be kept as minimal as possible.

Yet we live in a complicated world where the simplest task can be made so incomprehensible.

Why do we not abhor such thoughts?

Yet in the whispers to our ears, we are caressed by the thought that simplicity does no justification to our actions.

We need to be laborious in our efforts in order to reflect our relentless pursuit of the object in hand.

Why must we succumb ourselves for such intricacies?

Why must every action taken be construed in a manner that only invites prejudice?

Perhaps we have grown compllcated as time progresses.

Simplicity is looked upon as a barrier of improvement.

Complexity rules.

Simplicity buried.

Yet perhaps we should find courage in ourselves.

To seek simplicity in our needs.

To strive for simplicity in our thoughts.

To find solace in the simplicity of our actions.

So that we are caressed with happiness.

The happiness that we yearn for.



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