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Most of us experienced the world of physics when we were in the secondary school especially if we were to take the science subjects. Our first exposure for physics could turn out to be a short lived experience or a lifelong journey depending on the ingenuity and creativity of our teachers who are tasked to sow the seeds of interest in the subjects that they teach
Being very abstract in nature and involves a higher level of mathematical logic, physics do not generally ranks as the most adored science subject. The inability to feel and appreciate the abstract concepts of physics does indeed hamper the efforts to inculcate a sense of liking for the subject.
Generally, not always though, physics appeal more to the male students.
Thus, physics sometimes inadvertently generates a myopic perception that it is very much gender biased.
This unfortunate situation is sometimes exercarbated by the general perception that people who indulges in physics are perceived as square thinking, talks very much more to themselves rather than their companion, can never hold a decent conversation without ever touching on the elements of physics , dull yet unromantic.
This distorted view has become a culture in many places and people who are associated with physics are sometimes a misinterpreted lot with misguided principles about life.
I remembered when I was in my final year in undergraduate studies, there were only two five female students out from a combined total of a hundred.
The female students loved the attention as there are about ninety five pairs of eyes trained on them almost every day during lecture hours.
As for the male students, its about fighting in a very crowded field for attention.
However, if we were to browse through history, we will find a lot more colourful characters in physics during the early stages of the development of physics
We have great physicists who contibuted immensely to the physics fraternity by appreciating life to the fullest just like every other normal human being.
We have one, who contributed immensely to the early development of quantum physics, who found the true inspiration to write a landmark paper on the fundamentals of quantum physics simply through the inspiration of his loved one. Ferried away from the hustle and bustle of city life,only with the company of his loved one, he conjured the right mathematical tools that provides the quantum leap in terms of the development of the subject.
We have another one, who travels every weekend to a faraway place just to meet his loved one while he is being stationed for a top secret goverment project elsewhere. Even when his loved one has failing health, he continues to make that weekly pilgrimage, not under the name of obligation or responsibilities.
It is what we human beings called love.
Love traverses every inch of the geographical area on earth, permeates through the souls of every man and woman, irrespective of their colour, race and fundamental believe.
Physics people are capable of love just like every one else.
And for that, they are just like every one of us.
Difference in thoughts yet capable to love or to be loved.
There was once, somebody told me that if you were to know physics, you tend to know a little bit more.
How true is that?
I suppose it is subject to different types of interpretation.
For instance, if you know physics, you would probably understand why the aurora phenomenon, a majestic sight in the sky is only observeable within the Alaskan region. Perhaps when you want to show the most beautiful sight in the sky and you happen to be in Alaska at the right time, you would know how to share it with your loved one.
If you understand physics, you know that all objects, irrespective of mass, will fall and reach the ground at the same time, if dropped at the same moment from the same height, as long as the external environment like wind can be neglected. In this case, light stuff like feather would not fall into this category.
You will be surprise that a lot of people are unaware about how the laws of gravity works. You could probably make some money out from it.


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