The Awakening From Within

By | November 25, 2014

My friend called me up one day and told me that he had an extra ticket for the weekend seminar where a former prime minister of an industrialized nation will give a talk together with a few other prominent speaker. I wanted to listen to his thoughts so I immediately said yes.
After that, I found out from the newspaper that there was an odissi dance festival over the weekend as well. The last time I watched the indian classical dance of odissi and bharatanatyam was many years ago and somehow someway I always have something on during the dance festival to the extent that I usually would need to give it a miss.
Odissi performance has always been superbly mesmerizing.
What a coincidence.
Anyway, I decided to go ahead with my original plans to attend the seminar.
The seminar was surprisingly extremely enlightening.
Imagine, twelve international speakers in three days that stretched from 9am until almost 10pm every day except the first day.
Kind of exhaustive yet it was really an eye opener.
I never knew that it could be such a revelation.
I learned a huge abundance of knowledge during the three days that I was there.
I was truly amazed at how inspirational the whole three days have been.
I guess in life, what matters is taking action on what we intend to do.
Execution is the key to everything.
Yet procrastination is the thief of time.
We should plan.
We could strategize.
Yet without execution, everything will still remain on paper.
In the pursuit of our dreams, sometimes we do not care whether we make a fool of ourselves.
Anyway why should we care whether other people see us as fools?
What’s important is whether we achieve our goals in the end.
The seminar focus on financial freedom.
Yet money cannot buy us total happiness.
Probably some measure of happiness.
However money can give us a freedom of choice.
Sometimes having a choice is better than not having one at all.
What we want for tomorrow depends primarily on what we do today.
And the lessons from yesterday will allow us to form a better judgement on what to expect for tomorrow.
It is the first primary step that is of paramount importance.
That initial step will determine our path.
Sometimes our path takes a different meaning.
There are times where we change the direction of our path.
For reasons known only to ourselves.
Yet as long as it leads to our desired path then it should be fine.
The goal has to be in sight.
Even if it’s not, instinctively we should feel it.
Without a goal, there exists little purpose.
Without purpose, life would be very much less beautiful.
A beautiful life is what we yearn for.

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