A True Salesman

By | December 20, 2014

I was walking in a shopping centre when a sales lady approached me and introduced herself. She enquired where I came from and started a small talk. She was a pleasant looking lady who made me comfortable with her topic of discussion. After a short chat, she wondered whether it would be of any interest to me if I took some time off to go to her booth and she would share with me the product that she had.

She didn’t try to force me however she persuaded me in a very nice way to have a look at the products. When I was at the booth, she proceeded to share with me what products she was carrying and how it could benefit me. She spoke at a comfortable pace and made me feel relaxed talking to her. After trying out the product on my skin she proceeded to share with me the difference between the skin of my hand that has been applied with the product and the other hand.

From my observation it did have some difference.

And she could sense my interest.

She proceeded to share with me the cost telling me that it only cost USD5 per week as it needed only to be applied on the skin once a week and the bottle can last up to one year.

That’s a very smart way of breaking the numbers into little ones that seemed to be inconsequential.

I kept an open mind however it did sound tempting.

Before she could say anything else, another lady joined in the discussion and started talking and smiling at the same time. She tried to engage a small talk with me. Then she continued to talk and talk giving lesser time for me to reply.

Why couldn’t she stop talking and start to listen?

She was still smiling somehow I could not feel that she was smiling from the heart.

Then she started to promote the product that the first sales lady was detailing to me in the first place.

She spoke at a quickened pace as if she was in a hurry.

She never paused.

She never bothered whether I was listening to her.

She sounded like the voice on a tape recorder.



And play again.

I wondered why she repeated it all over again.

Was it because she doubted the selling capability of the first sales lady?

I looked at the first sales lady who was fidgeting and was clearly uneasy with the intrusion.

She looked frustrated and she probably knew that she wasn’t going to make the sale already.

When I told the second lady that I wasn’t interested she never really tried to probe why. Instead she proposed additional discount for the product.

And I wondered why she had to offer the discount when she never really tried to understand why I was not interested to buy from her.

Again I told her I wasn’t interested.

Yet she tried to sell me the product again.

In the end, she left.

I was relieved.

And I asked the first sales lady whether the second sales lady was her boss.

She said no.

That was her senior.


Meaning somebody who is experienced in sales or somebody who worked long enough in the company?

What business did she have to disrupt the who selling process?

I could have bought it from the first sales lady if the second person didn’t come and disturbed the selling process.

She didn’t even know what we were talking about and she forgot the primary rule in sales.

If someone is pitching for a sale with a prospect, only that someone has in his mind, what type of questions that she should enquired from the prospect and the flow of questions should be smooth enough for closing the sale.

There can only be one salesman when it comes to pitching for a sale.

Never two.

Or worse three.

As everybody try to show off their selling skills.

Never try to be too smart and interfere.

Even if that someone is more senior.

Or that someone is the boss.

Being the senior or the boss does not give that someone the right to interfere.

It only shows that someone do not have any clue about sales.

That someone is just trying to show off.

Sale is about chemistry.

Without chemistry there exists no trust.

Without trust there is no confidence.

A true salesman never sells products.

A true salesman sells confidence.

And a great salesman can sell any products.

Because a great salesman sells nothing but himself.





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