Change and Leadership

By | December 21, 2014

In football, sometimes you will see there is a change the manager in the middle of the season. The change usually occurs when the team is not doing well and is on a losing streak. When a team is on a losing streak, motivation level will continue to dwindle and confidence start to fall apart. Instructions are not heeded and laughed upon as there is perception that each instruction will only lead to a total failure. The supporters start to lose faith in their team and wonder why they are spending their hard earned money to watch their team continue to lose every week.

If the fortunes are not changed, why should they continue to stay loyal to their team?

So a change is imminent.

And usually it will start from the top.

Sometimes, after an immediate change at the top, you will notice a difference overnight.

Players generally are more hardworking and eager to impress the new boss. After all, the new boss will be hard pressed to show immediate results and are expected to wield the axe and bring in fresh players that will fulfill his own strategy.

Optimism will also be enhanced as the new boss is believed to be able to take them to greater heights. After all, he must have all the credentials as a turnaround specialist from his previous job experience.

If not, why spend so much money to hire him in the first place?

His previous successful stints will inculcate the necessary newfound confidence among the team members.

His logic and his instruction are taken seriously.

After all, he has done it before and there is no reason why he couldn’t do it again.

He has been there.

He must have known how difficult it is to get out from the abyss of failure.

He can lead them to the glory again.

He must have possessed the elixir of hope.

They should then have faith in his strategy.

Why would he go there if he is not convinced that he can make a difference?

Why would he stared at failure even he can achieve success?

He will make changes where necessary.

However he is not expected to change what is working.

He will not adopt wholesome change.

If you try to change too many things, it means you do not know what you are doing.

Change is not an experiment.

He will enhance efficiency.

He will eliminate ineffectiveness.

He will identify strength and weaknesses.

He will put the right people at the right place.

He will stay above politics.

Reward when it is necessary.

Compliment when it is deserve.

He will not purposely look for people’s mistakes.

Instead he will eye for jobs well done.

And single them out for praise.

Without delay.

He will be decisive.

He will be quick.

Act promptly when it is needed.

He will be serious.

When he needs to be.

He has to show that he is there to work with them.

Not above them.

He has to draw courage.

As men follow courage.

Not titles.

He will instill discipline.

Discipline in achieving the necessary goal.

He will lead them.

Only when the men believe in him.

And when they are ready to be led.


2 thoughts on “Change and Leadership

  1. Alice

    Thanks for sharing this, my favourite topic! No one like to change. I love my routine, it gives me a sense of security, my comfort zone. However, this is impossible. In life we need changes to grow and move forward. Changes sometimes forces us to recreate our life. In a company, we need visionary leaders to grow. Leaders who are not only interested in profit making but passionate about people…compassion. Transformational or Servanthood Leadership has always been my principle in leading my team. The process are hard, demanding, tiring and emotional but once a new leader is born, it gives me the courage to go on making a change. It applies in my personal life too but I take it slowly…personal changes are critical to how we response to changes around us. I always believe in this “Great leaders leave footprints for others to follow”


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