Happy New Year

By | December 30, 2014

Here I am, relaxing at my home, knowing very well that the dawning of a new year will begin in less than thirty two hours. This year seems to have accelerated at hyper speed that in hindsight, I wondered how is it possible that time psychologically moves quicker than the previous year.

What have I achieved this year that I should be proud of?

What was it that fell through the fingers of my hand?

Which one was within my grasp yet slipped away unnoticed?

What could I have done to make a difference?

What lessons learnt that has made me smarter than the year before?

Every day of our life we learn something new.

To cook a new dish.

To speak a foreign language of our choice.

Or the skills on how to better manage.

The question is whether what we have experienced can be remembered and practiced in the future for our own benefit.

Without applying what we have learnt, we would have difficulty progressing further.

Futility arises when we unlearned what we have learned.

Especially on the lessons that could shape our very own destiny.

Would a day without reflecting on what we have done right be entirely beneficial?

Many of us have run so many races in life.

The race to promotion.

The race to be better than the rest.

The race to compete for a gal of our dreams.

Which race is the most poignant in our life?

Which race, given a chance, would we compete again?

Which race, would be the most valuable lesson in our life?

And why do all these matter at all?

Lessons are acquired, either in victory or defeat.

Either result should make us stronger.


And what is it in for those do not wish to compete at all?

Will they toughen up eventually?

Is it possible to shy away from competition?


It depends on what we really want.

Why should we set goals for next year then?

If we achieve all the goals, will we be happier?

If we falter in some of them, will we be less happy?

How do we then quantify the level of happiness? On the other hand, without setting goals, will we be lost in the woods eventually?

Will a compass help us to find out way?

Who will then be our compass?

If we are lost, we might take a longer time to reach our goals.

If we do set some goals.

On the other hand, perhaps the lesson learnt while we find out way out of the wilderness will allow us a quantum leapt in the comprehension of our own ability.

Lesson that will be a useful tool for many more years to come.

After all, it is only when we are lost, we really think, reflect and try all possible methods to extricate ourselves from the quagmire of a confused state.

Lessons that we shall never forget.

What if it takes too long to find the real path again?

Will somebody eventually lend a helping hand?

Should we then accept a good samaritan’s help?

Must we pride in ourselves that we could find our way out of the abyss independently?

And that we stand tall and above everyone else.

That we see nothing but crystal clear path.

Is it a dented pride then to accept assistance?

Shall our pride actually be held in greater regard than before?

Shall our confidence suffer in return?

Or should we just be thankful that somebody is willing to show the way?

That we should thank our lucky stars that help is extended to us without asking.

Shall we then be happier?

If we race alone, shall we even be lonelier as we race further in time?

Shall we be more motivated and energetic if there is always somebody out there who would be our most loyal cheerleader?

Or our family members to provide the unconditional support and universal love that we yearn for that could make us a stronger in our quest for a better tomorrow?

It is always good to plan yet most of the time life doesn’t follow a prepared script.

We do not know who we shall fall for.

Yet we cannot plan when we shall fall in love.

It doesn’t work that way.

And it shouldn’t too.

As love is too beautiful to subscribe to a prepared text.

As long as when we fall, somebody is there to catch us.

That should be sufficiently beautiful and unforgettable.

Even more beautiful if the one that catches us is the one that we seek.

In all our lifetime.

How beautiful can the story be?

How then shall the story unfold?

Only time will tell.








2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Alice

    My yoga teacher said to us on his last class of the year…What does the struck of 12 midnight of 2014 mean to you? We we quiet but he left us with something to ponder when he said ” What have we missed in 2014?” with a smile, he added “And God gives us Hope in 2015”
    Beautiful thoughts Alex.


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