There Will Always Be Superstars

By | December 12, 2014

During one of the football season, a striker played arguably the best matches of his life and almost single handedly orchestrated the elevation of fortune of his team within the league. His passion and hunger for excellence coupled with his new found confidence provided the necessary motivation to his team mates to believe in the impossible.

The team proceeded to reach the highest possible ranking in the league after the longest time.

The team was on cloud nine.

The very next season the striker joined another team as the management sanctioned the transfer after agreeing to a record fee.

The huge sum of transfer money was re invested to buy a few more players to strengthen the squad with the belief that the combined creativity, passion and efforts will be more than enough to fill the vacuum generated by the striker leaving the team.

The result went the opposite way. The new players could not blend in as expected.

The chemistry between players needed time to be established.

The fulcrum of the team was never reestablished.

The void was distinct.

The fall was unavoidable.

In every team there will always be individual brilliance.

It must be nurtured.

It should be encouraged.

Somebody needs to step out.

And take the lead.

This will breed healthy competition.

As every team member are motivated to strive for excellence.

And with the new found confidence reach greater height than never before.

The danger is however if the individual brilliance does not precipitate the heightened commitment of others for greater excellence.

Team players are contented to rely solely on their star player to deliver better results.

Yet did not play a crucial supporting role in the achieving the necessary results expected.

The star player might continue to perform in an exemplary manner as he depends on no one but himself for motivation.

However it will soon dawn upon him that he is actually carrying additional luggage that might not be worth considering at all.

Why does he need passengers who only thrive on his glory?

As a high achiever, he only wants to get better and be ahead of everyone else.

And the right kind of competitive environment will help to push him to greater heights.

Not dragging his acceleration with demotivating elements.

External encouragement does help even though the primary motivation comes from within.

By not finding support around him, he will grow to be disillusioned with the whole team.

And starts to wonder that he does not really need them.

Yet they need him to deliver the results.

And feast on the glory delivered primarily by him.

Eventually somebody appreciative of his talents will poach him away.

To provide him with the necessary tools to excel greater in life.

Someone who really understand what he wants.

And how to make him better.

This will spell the end of the parasites.

Whose glory is dependable primarily on him.

Will the vacuum be filled?

Hard to tell.

Who would want to step out again and drive excellence when he knows that he will face the same predicament like his former team mate?

Who would be bold enough to drive the change when change is embraced in a negative manner that do not encouraged performance driven result?

Will the team get back on its feet again?


However it is only possible if the negative elements are swiftly eliminated.

Only the bravest soul will make a difference.

As they yearn for the arrival of the next superstar while their fortune will continue to dwindle.

And will reach oblivion one day.

The spiral into the abyss of nothingness is difficult to stop.

So why allow that to happen in the first place?










































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