Sometimes you don’t really know who you will meet

By | January 30, 2015

I decided to go for dinner with a friend of mine at this little restaurant where I wastold that you could sketch or draw on the table where a paper was placed on top of it.

So while I having dinner and chatting with my friend, I just couldn’t resist the temptation to sketch on the paper given.

Crayons could be found on a little transparent cup and I just grabbed whichever colour that I felt suitable to be used.

The atmosphere was relaxing enough accompanied by soft soothing music that caressed the ear.

I was a little engrossed in my sketching that I was not paying attention to a japanese couple that was sitting next to us.

They were having dinner as well.

Then the guy, before I knew it, picked up a crayon and started to colour on another side of the paper.

He kept saying that art is relaxing and painting with crayons is really soothing to the mind. photo 2

I could see that he clearly enjoyed painting and colouring.

I nodded in agreement and shared a few laughs with him.

There were a few patrons who started to snapped some photos of what we were doing.

That was kind of a great encouragement.

At least we are doing something that attracted some attention.

Yet we just went on with our work.

Focused in what we like to do best.

Changing places around the table.

Getting more crayons from the next table.

Feeling wonderful.

Yet felt like a school kid as well.

photo 1Suddenly being thrown into a playground that we have not seen in years.

There are many possible ways to relax howeverthis is one of the most unique one thatI experienced.

I called it an impromptu working relationship with stranger that I met in a restaurant.

We never knew each other.

Yet we work together as if we knew each other for a long time.

We realized what needed to be done.

We understood the objective.

We had lots of fun.

And very relaxing as well.

Oblivious of all the patrons there.

In a world of our own.

What a wonderful way to spend the evening.

By the time we finished, we could hardly believed what we had achieved.

He was kind enough to let me keep the painting. photo 3

He took some photos together.

We were beaming with pride.

We shook hands and hoped to meet again in the future.

Only after he left then I did realized that he was one of the famous sculptor who happened to be a regular patron there.

Sometimes you just do not know who you will meet.


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