Authority and Influence

By | February 7, 2015

There was a commotion and I wondered what it was all about. My colleague pointed to the wall of the conference room and asked me whether I could find a way to get rid of the cockroach or not.

I asked my colleague why do we need to do that when it didn’t do anything to hurt us?

My colleague just kept quiet and walked away.

I wasn’t very sure what was on my colleague’s mind.

Many years ago, I was walking behind an alley and there it was in front of me, a stray cat that was so fierce it was willing to fight with me.

I couldn’t understand why at first.

I stood still for a while.

I decided not to pick up a fight with a stray cat and use an alternative route.

Let the stray cat be the king of its territory.

Then when I reflected, only did I realize that the stray cat was most likely protecting the kittens that might be crawling around the vicinity.

Unless the animal is trying to harm us perhaps then we should contemplate justifiable actions.

Sometimes we are in a position of authority and influence that we do tend to take actions that reflect on our authority.

Often enough unnecessarily showing more than what was supposed to.

Why is there such a tendency in the first place?

Taking the analogy of the cockroach I guessed that my colleague was terrified of the sight of the cockroach that the first thing that came to mind was to get rid of it. Since my colleague is in a position of authority compared to the cockroach.

Authority, utilized in the right way, will always bring the desired benefits.

Influence, channeled in the most effective way, will reap a positive outcome.

There are many who yearn for the authority of influence.

There are many more who seek nothing but ordinary life.

The challenge is usually to know exactly what we want.

Then again how do we really know what do we want if we don’t try it?

For instance, when we have authority in our hands, will it make us a better person?

Or will it make us addicted to the notion of authority?

Alternatively, must we try everything first before we decide on what’s best for us?

How long will that take then?

On the other hand there are many more who seek nothing but a simple life away from the intricacies that are associated with the notion of authority.

Which one will make them happier?

I’m not sure.

Which one will make them a better person?

I’m not sure too.

These are two ends of the spectrums yet they are linked in one way or another.

With authority comes responsibility.

With responsibility comes the necessary expectation.

With expectation comes the possible stress.

Perhaps some thrive on stress.

Stress drives them forward.

Stress motivates them to reach another level of excellence.

Will they become a better person after that?


However some do not want any part of it.

They do not wish to be in the centre of any conflicts.

As authority encourages conflict.

Be it conflict of opinion.

Or conflict of interest.

Why get thorn to choose?

Why not be in a position not to choose?

So that we do not antagonize anyone in any way.

So that we continue to have many friends.

Whether they are true friends or not is another story.

Then again life is about choices.

About what we want.

About what we need.

Whatever we choose we should be happy about it.

Might we make a wrong choice?


Then who doesn’t make mistakes.

Every one does make mistakes.

Once in a while.

If too many mistakes are made then maybe it is going to be a problem.

Mistakes make us grow up.

As we reflect on what should be done instead.

It allows us to approach it from a critical perspective.

Only if we want to be a better person.

With every single choice, we narrow the possibilities.

Yet with every single choice, we tend to grow up a little.

More than before.






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