Chinese New Year

By | February 22, 2015

ramMy friend went overseas to work and is spending the Chinese New Year celebration over there and would only be back in a few months time.

Another one is currently studying in the West and is celebrating with the new friends over there and would most likely be back only after the studies.

chinesedecorThere was once I was overseas for a conference and spent my first day of the Chinese New Year in the Big Apple before coming back to Malaysia.lunch

I wondered how my friends felt about spending Chinese New Year Celebration especially on the eve overseas.

However sometimes this precipitate an avalanche of nostalgic memories which will most likely render you homesick especially if it is experienced for the first time.

There is always a first time.

The first is usually the most memorable.

The very first can also be very hurtful.

The first cut is always the deepest.

Yet we grow up the most after the very first.

So that we are better prepared emotionally for the subsequent ones.

The first experience makes us stronger.

Tougher to face the future.

So the greatest lesson is always in the first.

Unparalled in many ways compared to the rest.

Being away for the first time during Chinese New Year will make us appreciate the joy, laughter and the many good things associated by being at home.

It is an occasion that treasures tradition.

Upholding the fundamental values of life.

Customs, no matter how old, should be respected.

Whether we believe or agree with it is a different matter.

As we might be brought up in a different environment.

The evolution of our thoughts might hold a different opinion.

It is not a matter of being subservient.

It is all about respect for tradition.

Tradition is never a trap.

Tradition provides us a glimpse into the past.

On how the world is looked upon.

In the eyes of a different generation.

Different generations might hold differing views.

Yet no one is wrong.

Being right is never the question.

Tradition allows us a trace of our roots.

So that our identity is revealed.

Greater in depth.

Only then we feel a sense of belonging.

Not many like the idea of being alone.

Many more wants to feel belonged.

Either to a greater cause.

Or part of community.



Inextricably intertwined.

Like Ying and Yang.

With the ultimate lesson in life.

That completeness can only be found in pairs.

During Chinese New Year, most will make it a point to be back home on the Eve for Dinner.

For that symbolize the efforts of being together.

As a family.

The journey might take hours.

Yet we find time to be back to a place we fondly called home.

Home is where the heart is.

2 thoughts on “Chinese New Year

  1. Alice Lee

    Love this one, Alex. This is the first year my eldest son spend his CNY in UK….the first time my youngest boy drove me out for dinner after got his driving license….there will be another different round of first time for me this year…Life Changing and Peace


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