You Need To Know What You Are Selling

By | February 28, 2015

I wanted to purchase a certain type of outdoor light and I decided to drop by a lighting shop that I found along the street. I went in and found something that I liked. There were two salespersons over there. The one who attended to my questions seems like a novice as most of the questions that I posed to him he found it difficult to answer me or couldn’t give a logical explanation. He had to refer to a senior salesperson that was occupied with another customer. Another personnel in the shop was moving around checking some stocks and once in a while, he would asked the senior salesperson to assist.

I find the situation quite chaotic.

The salesperson who attended to me was not helpful at all.

In the end, when I decided to purchase what I wanted, the salesperson went into the store to check for new stocks. By that time, I was already at the shop for more than forty five minutes and I found it amazing that even though I found what I liked and wanted to purchase, the whole process should not take more than fifteen minutes.

When the salesperson finally came out from the store, he told me that they only have the black one and not the white one. However I liked the white one. Therefore I wanted to purchase the sample unit. It was only right that I request for a discounted price for a sample unit.

The salesperson decided to seek advice from the senior one however the senior salesperson refused to give any discount.

I was at the shop for so long and yet a sale transaction did not occur.

I left in a huff however not before I gave them an idea of what I thought was the problem.

A customer found what he wanted.

The customer wanted to purchase it.

Yet the sales person could not close the deal.

This type of missing opportunities can be found in abundance out there.

Simply because the right salesperson was never there in a first place.

I was at a restaurant once and when I asked the waiter what would s he recommend, she immediately pointed to the most expensive item in the menu.

How do I then trust his choice?

Have you even gone to a restaurant and when you enquired what is good to be recommended and they tell you that everything is good?

How do you then believe what is being recommended?

The first experience is usually the most profound.

The first person that a customer sees is usually a salesperson.

It could be a waiter.

It might be a bartender.

Therefore the first impression counts the most.

And if the sales person is not well equipped with the knowledge of the products that they are selling why the customer should spend time with the salesperson?

Time is money.

And time cannot be bought.

Once the clock starts ticking, we cannot turn it back.

If a customer knows what he or she wants, a competent salesperson will secure the deal in a record time.

An incompetent or ill equipped salesperson will never secure the deal.

What’s worse is that the impression that the customer has will be such that the customer will never return to the same place again.

Once a customer is lost, it is very difficult to get them back.

Worse still is if the customer shares with the whole world the bad experience that was encountered.

Why then do some organizations still hire salesperson who could not match the expectation of the customer?

You pay peanuts.

You get monkeys.

The first person who interacts with the customer is the most important.

That person must know in great detail what he is selling.

That person must also have the ability to communicate in such a way that it makes the customer feels comfortable.

That person must be able to know when is it to make the move to close the sale.

And he must know when to hold until the right time.

An ideal characteristics.


However until we have a competent salespeople who will then do the selling?

The product with the best features does not necessary mean the best selling products in the whole world.

The salesperson can always make a difference.

Everyone can be a salesperson.

However only a handful are really good in what they do.

That is why they are valuable.

In their own world.









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