By | March 22, 2015


I watched a movie once.
In that movie one particular individual will take a photo of everyone that he met whom he deemed important to his cause.
He will then write down the name and date of the person whom he met.
He explained later to them that he has fading memory and the photos allow him to remember certain important events.
Sometimes we remember certain things.
Sometimes we forget some events.
Some will be forever with us. image
Others will fade with time.
How then do we choose which to remember ?
And which to forget?
Why is it that some do not just fade away when we try so hard to forget them?
When we do not forget we find it harder to forgive.
How then can we forgive without forgetting what happened?
Why is it not possible to control our mental faculty so that we can choose what to remember and forget what needs to be forgotten?
Why do our mind like to play tricks on us?
Or maybe the ones that are not forgotten are meant to be a lesson learnt in life?
So that we will no longer commit the same mistakes again.
Or maybe the ones that are etched in our mind are meant to serve us with a reminder that life is indeed beautiful and we should cherish every single moment of it?
There should be a reason for everything.
Even though there will always be some exceptions .
Yet some things happened without a reason
How then do we attach the element of reason in everything that we do?
Maybe not everything needs a reason.
Sometimes logic takes a back seat.
Perhaps our instincts is what we should trust the most .
With or without reasons we should trust the voice of our heart.
The little whisper that caress our ears with comfort in the face of uncertainties in the world.
Perhaps that little voice should guide us on what s more important to remember and make an effort to instill that memory in our mind.
Or on paper.
Maybe that’s why we keep some photographs over the years.
And ignore some others.
The ones that we hold dear.
The many that we do not wish to remember.
How frightened shall we be if we realized that some memory has fade away?
Will we do anything to remember that rest that still lingers on?
Can the memory that fades away return to us?
Perhaps under the right circumstances.
When it precipitate what is lost into what can be found once again?
Will that ever happen?
Yet if the answer is yes perhaps will it give us hope?
Or furnish us with a false hope?
Yet would it not make our life seems a lot brighter if we hope for a better one?
Even though sometimes we know that maybe the hope is really a false one?
Yet why do we continue to hope?
Why do we continue to pray for the better?
In the hope that the sun will shine brighter the very next day.
To illuminate our life so that it has a lot more meaning to live for.
Maybe we always want ourselves to be filled with hope.
So that we will yearn for a better tomorrow.
And a brighter day it should be.

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