A Relaxing Sunday

By | April 6, 2015

I felt lighter after the session.image (4)

With the energized themed oil still enveloped my body I find the session a refreshing change.

When my muscles and joints were pressed upon I felt a certain release of tension.

The hands moved in a rhythmic manner doing its magic on my body.

I felt comfortable as the session continued.

The phone rang during the session however I ignored it.

Tranquility was in the air.

And I was fully absorbed in the environment.

I chose the energized oil as a surge is energy is always good for a new day of the week.

Yet before the session had started I already had a body scrub whereby after a quick shower I felt my skin was

somehow smoother than before.

image (5) The aroma of ginger filled my nostrils.

Then I immersed myself in the steam room for a while and watched myself drenched in sweat.

Yet after coming out from the steamed room there was a rejuvenated feeling as if detoxification has taken place.

The finale is always defined by the massage session.

If body scrub is the appetizer then the massage is the main course.

Yet the main course did not disappoint.

The fusion of predominantly Thai and Malay Urut approach is something worth exploring.

I chose the medium style yet it suited me very well.

By the time the session ended I wished that it could be longer.

Perhaps a comprehensive session should be a full two hours so that I could feel the full impact and rejuvenated effect.

I only had a one and half hour session.

Music is soothing to the mind and as long as it can reach almost every nook and corner of the place it’s role in caressing

the ears should not be underestimated.

I find the waiting area spacious.

Yet comfortable.

image (3)

With a cup of hot tea and a nice little book to read I could warm the sofa for hours.

Choice of oil for body scrub and massage depends very much on your own preference.

And it might have to do with your mental state on the very day itself.

In everything that we do human interaction is always evident.

So it was nice to have attentive personnel making you feel at home with smiling face straight from the heart.

Complete with a wonderful yet engaging conversation.

Tucked away in the trendy area of Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, this quiet sanctuary

represents a form of escapade from the hustle and bustle of city life.

It was indeed a pleasant experience on a Sunday afternoon.


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