The Real Boss

By | May 21, 2015

One particular family called up a contractor to fix the plumbing system of the house.
The boss, or so he claimed, was a cocky yet fat guy with a grumpy face that gave the impression that he prefer to be at home sleeping rather than working .
His supporting staff, was sitting in the car doing something that nobody seems to know yet his boss was the one who came out first .
What a wrong impression as obviously his supporting staff is perceived as the boss .
He went in to inspect the work that needs to be done .
However when he was queried he spoke in a rude manner as if somebody owes him money.
He was obviously pissed when he was told in no uncertain terms to watch his language and to tone down his voice .
When he went outside and a question about installation of the filter was brought up he mentioned with lightning speed that there will be additional cost incur .
When pressed to confirm the additional cost he just mentioned that he won’t do the job and walked off.
His subordinate just followed suit .
They left in a puff .
Yet it only leave a disgusting feel about such contractor’s behaviour .
You probably wonder how they make a living or probably they have made enough money that it doesn’t matter anymore .
There was an electrician whom were called to fix up some electrical items in the house however when he arrived the electrical items has yet to arrive .
The electrician engaged in small talk and even took the house owner to survey for food .
When the items arrived it was a good one and half hours wasted .
Yet he didn’t show a grumpy face .
How ironic and different compared to the first contractor .
Customers are the pay masters .
Yet some contractors thought that they are bigger than customers .
And that even though they behave in an absolutely unacceptable manner they thought that they could still get customers or con their way to get the job done and charge exorbitant prices on unsuspecting clients .
How is that possible?
Customers are kings .
And contractors who are rude unscrupulous and unreliable should be boycotted so that they will be no customers left for them to cheat and scream at .
In the end contractors must know who is the real boss .
There is only one real boss .
That is the customer .

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