How do you establish non productivity?

By | May 15, 2015

Have you heard of the stories of people who go to work and they have to line up like school boys to sign in their attendance when they arrive at the office?
Has anyone told you that in some companies even though you are in sales you will still need to get back to the office everyday in the afternoon after your field trip to meet customers?
Have you heard of bosses who like to hold meetings in the afternoon and drag it for so long and you wondered when is it the time to go home?
Have you ever attended a meeting whereby your role is generally to listen and very little chance to articulate your opinion in an elaborate manner?
Have you heard of the fines imposed on late comers for meetings and you wondered why there was such a meeting in the first place?
Why is it that such demotivating examples is still prevalent in work places?
I am not really sure why such rules or guidelines were adopted in the first place however all I can say is that the person who created such protocols probably is at the wrong place
How do you motivate your staff with such constraints ?
How do you make the place a better one to work in compared to others with such actions which achieve nothing positive yet promises an abundance if negativity
The greatest asset in a company is the employees
Because the profits that they generate is to pay the employee’s salary and ultimately increase the shareholders value
So why are such ludicrous ideas and steps being touted as the right kind of tonic for better productivity?
Or are the employers just trying to exert who is the one with authority and because they pay the employees they have the right to formulate any practice no matter how impractical the ideas are?
The greatest asset of any company are the employees and the customers
Without employees there will be no one to assist in running the company
It’s never a one man show
Without customers there is no revenue
And without revenue which can be translated to profits hod long can the company survive?
Most bosses are smart and that’s why they are up there at the highest hierarchy
Then why is it that such guidelines are being implemented
Perhaps they like to be seen in command
Then again in today s world empowerment is important to the employees
Nobody likes to be told what to do
Especially adults
Employees should be treated with respect
Only then the respect will be shown
Just because employees are paid by the company it does not mean that the employees lose all rights to be respected and to be treated in the right way as a working adult
Perhaps that’s why some companies move forward quicker than the rest
If the employees do not feel that they are part of the common cause why then should they work harder to achieve the company s goal?
Customers and employees hold the future of the organization
A great leader knows how to harness these potential to the the greatest height
Because he knows that he cannot do the job alone
Why then such guidelines are still been practiced ?

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