Building Dreams

By | January 15, 2016

I was back in Penang last week.
When I was in Starbucks, I bumped into somebody that I have not expected to meet.
He was there walking towards me and waved at me for a chat.
He owned a civil engineering firm yet he told me that he was working hard and late almost every day that he find it meaningless especially since he has a wife and two kids.
By the time he reached home he would be too tired to do anything.
During a period of time he was involved in direct selling business on a part time basis.
He found that generating revenue through that channel has a great income potential.
After a few years of doing it he decided to take a full plunge into the direct selling business.
He found more time for himself and his family and revenue generationwas acceptable to him.
The next day I was in an public office somewhere in Prai and as I was lining up to pick up a document from the counter, I realized that the tall person behind me was someone that I have not seen in ages.
He is an engineer by profession and is currently involved in his own business for more than nine years.
I remembered that he was an employee of an engineering firm quite some time back.
So I asked him the million dollar question?
Why did he take the plunge?
Before he answered that question he told me that must be a reason why we bumped into each other after such a long time.
Maybe the gods or angels brought us to be at the same place at the same time.
Just like how I bumped into my friend in Starbucks.
He told me that it was difficult to release the safety net at first and he wasn’t sure whether it would work. image
However he must have some faith that it should work.
We decided that it was best to catch up again the next time as he has something on elsewhere.
Many weeks ago I received an SMS from an old friend whom I have not met for about a decade.
I do not know why he sent me a message.
The message was a simple way to say hi.
I enquired what he was doing now and he told me that after he left the organization that he was working for, he decided to be an entrepreneur .
It was tough at first yet it felt great right now.
These three different encounters, however weird it may seemed, seemed to drive a singular point.
That we are the master of our own destiny.
And we should build our own dreams.
And we are happy building our very own instead of somebody else s dream.
Why should we build dreams for others?
Why should we spend the years of our lifetime to build the dreams for others yet not spend the time to build the dreams for ourselves?
The greatest challenge in this world is actually to find somebody who is bold and willing enough to build somebody else s dream.
Many will claim to be able to do it however only very few will have that capacity and tenacity to make it into a reality.
If you have a dream yet you found the wrong person to translate your dream into a reality then it will only remain a dream.
By the time you find somebody else who would be able to do the job, the dream might already be realized by somebody else s dream.
Then your dream is not only lost.
It is now owned by somebody else.
And you would forever not be able to turn back the clock.
You have no one but yourself to blame.
And you will never have the chance the build the same dream.
Not only it belongs to somebody else.
But the credibility is lost.
When that happens nothing else really matters.

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