Unforgettable Hike

By | March 11, 2016

When I decided to take a cable car up the mountain, I was hoping that the weather

would be kind to me and it would be a bright and sunny day as that would be perfect for photo taking sessions.

The bus ride to the destination took about fifteen minutes.IMG_2032

It was a pleasant journey.

The best part about travelling on weekdays would be that the queue won’t take you hours to jump into one of the cable cars.

There was a cool breeze enveloping the area and the air was refreshingly inviting.

In the cable car, you would be entertained to an awesome spectacle of why Lucerne is such a breathtaking place in terms of the scenery that it could offer.

While you admired the splendid view around, the next thing you know you have already reached the first so called ‘pit stop’. IMG_2056

Taking a stroll and letting the cool breeze kissed each and every inch of your exposed skin was definitely an exhilirated feeling. You felt that you could walked for miles and yet still have unquantifiable amount of energy left in the reserves.

After a short while I jumped back into the waiting cable car, eager to expect the unexpected when I reached the next level of the tourist site.

It didn’t take long and once I reached, it was all about standing still for a short while trying to capture as many pIMG_2082riceless moments in time while my eyes scanned almost the entire view of the mountain.

I quickly discovered there were many treks for leisure walking purposes and it was amazing to find that there were indeed many people who would eagerly walked around the the many possible paths that no one seemed to know where would it lead to. I guessed almost everyone over therewere adventurous enough to explore further without much hesitation.

I decided to take a stroll around a trek that took more than half an hour to complete, meeting a few people along the way. Almost every one was beaming with a sense of satisfaction.

Then I decided to take a short break for lunch. Having a meal at such a high altitude is something of a novelty yet I found it a unique experience.

There was a hotel there and I guessed the only thing that I didn’t really do was to book a night and stay at such high altitude and to enjoy the night in a different way. IMG_2129

It would have been an awesome experience indeed.

After a savoury lunch, It was trekking on a steeper route which could be quite challenging. However the lure of a greater spectacle of unparralled sight only motivated you to proceed even though its a steeper climb.

Whewn you are so many thousand miles from home, you tend to be more adventurousand you convincedyourself it would take you so many hours of journey to return to the same place againm in the future.

So I climbed.

And climbed. IMG_2078

Gasping for air once in a while as your legs began to experience the weariness due to countless minutes of walking.

Along the way up further, I bumped into an elderly man who without hesitation offered me a can of beer.We yelled at the top of our lungs the word ‘cheers’ and gulped what was on our hands.

Having beer at many thousand miles above the ground was unthinkable until I met him.

We chatted for a while.

Then I resumed my journey again.IMG_2174

With the destination in mind.

I was panting.

My legs grew more tired with each step.

However it didn’t deter me.

It only served meas a reminder that I should spend more time hiking when I reached home again.

Finally I reached the destination that a few others joined as well.

We were exhilirated.

We took photos and chatted even though we didn’t know each other.

IMG_1741Reaching the destination of choice was truly satisfying.

It just reminded me that in life, if we decided to start something we should make it a point tocomplete it.

That was what I learned the most from the experience of exploringthis great place.

None other than Mount Pilatus.

Only can be found in Lucerne.

And nowhere else.

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