The Beauty of Human Interactions

By | March 14, 2016

I remembered a few years ago when I travelled and stayed in Oxford dueing the winterperiod for about nine days, I spent quite a lot of time venturing out to enjoy the beautiful spectacle of the winter days in Oxford and nearby towns.

I stayed in a hostel within the campus however since it was during the winter break not many students were around unless you entered the eating hall during the morning breakfast.

After spending nine days in Oxford I was ready to go home however I had a transit in Dubai for one night.

I caught up with my friend who worked there and I talked non stop the very moment arrived.

My friend was curious as I was usually not that talkative. image

Upon reflection, I realized that once you stayed on a foreign soil without much verbal interaction with anyone including the locals, it could be mentally pretty stressful.

Therefore, whenever I travelled alone, I would take the opportunity to get to know new friends.

Itcould be a frank exchange of what we do and an understanding about our own culture.

After every such conversation, you would definitely end up richer in experience and have a greater understanding of other nation’s culture.

Every such interaction will add more colour into your already wonderful journey of exploration.

It kept you feeling cheerful especially since most of the tourists that you met are in cheerful and buoyant mood.

Their positivity filled the air and the confidence they exuded coupled with their show of enthusiasm only illuminated your day with a greater feel of enthusiasm.

Their eagerness for new adventure and their appetite to sometimes challenge the conventional thinkingwould always befood for thought.image

These type of interactions can only make you become a better person in a positive way.

Itprecipitated a sense ofcouragewithin yourselfto explore evenmore.

In Gamla Stam, I was lucky to bump into Japanese tourists who later became my friends.

We talked and exchanged our thoughts about the place and where else to visit next.

We even explored Gamla Stam for a short period of time.

At the same at different times,I was honoured to bump intoa group of Singaporean students who studied nearby in Europe however decided to venture into Stockholm or a short holiday.

imageWe did take some time to have a cuop of chocolate at the cafe neaby.

The very next day, after the heavy snow fall which resulted in a crystal clear blue sky, I met a guy from China who was studying postgraduate studies over there. We chatted about everything under the sky and even went for a walk in the snowtogetherin the afternoon.

At night, we grabbed a simple dinner at my favourite cafe in Gamla Stam. He told me, before we left that he would remember the experience that we had exploring the place together for a very long time.

I felt really touched by such gesture.

That was really indeed a genuine feeling of warmth that we developed in that shortest period of time. image

Wasit because he travelled there alone just like me as well and resulted in both of us being friends in such a short period of time?

It was kind of hard to intepret what actually happened.

Yet perhaps we shoukdtry to read too much into it.

During our travelling days, perhaps we should not just be mesmerized by the geographical area however the one fundamental element that could make our trip unforgettable would be the humanineractions that we had along the way, be it with locals or the many tourists thatwe would meet along the way.

I realized that these interactions would have a lasting impact in our life and make our journey more complete as the warmth and cheerfulness of every human interaction added a lot more perspwective in our life.

I remembered the time when I was walking in the snow in Gamla Stam, I numped into a local guy who wasnice enough to take photos for me in different pose, telling me that he was actually a photographer and lovedthe idea of taking photos.

imageThe next day, when I was walking alone and and bumped into a guy who not only helped me to take a photo however his first words uttered was about how wonderful that day was. He muttered the words with a broad grin and it just makeyou feel happy that you bumped into him.

My travelling experience reached a more satisying level the more friendly human intraction I had.

There was one I travelled by train in Sweden and reached the station in asmall town on a Sunday late at night.

All shops were closed. Even the hotel that I was supposed to checked in had it’s front door locked.

It was very cold outside.

I was shivering.

Yet after a short while pressingon the door bell countless of times, a young lady was kind enough to open the door for me. She workedat the hotel however her shift was over.

She didn’t mind and helped me checked in. image

She even cooked a simple delicious dinner for me.

It just made my day.

Everywhere we go,what makes the ultimate difference would bethe warmth of the human interction.

Even during the coldest days, the warmth of such interactions generally left a lasting impact, like a candle illuminating the darkest hours of the night.

And it would definitely make our trip more worthwhile.

We would only looked back with a broad smile that only served to brighten up our days.

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