Ten Things That You Need To Know About Bosses

By | March 25, 2016

Most people have the opportunity to work with different bosses. However there are some key points that we should know about bosses. image

Ride on the Right Horse

There are generally many bosses in the company. Working there for a while would be able to tell you who are the influential bosses and who are the politicians. If you are a person who would like to accelerate your career progression in the company then you need to follow the right boss. You need to follow the ones that you feel would wield considerable influence in the future. What is important is not onlythe present but the future as well.

Follow an ambitious boss

If you follow a boss that no longer has the urge or motivation to climb up the corporate ladder then you are stucked in no man’s land and should start looking elsewhere for a job if you are an ambitious person. However if you follow an ambitious boss and prove your capability to earn his/her trust to be his/her right hand person, then you can be rest assured that when he/she assume a more senior rolei n nthe company you will have a greater prospect to fill the position that he/she has left. You can only possibly move up when somebody empty the room.

Bosses have big egos

No matter how much they deny it, ego is definitely with them. So never confront a boss directly especially in meetings and tell them that they are wrong unless you are prepared to leave the company soon enough. On the other hand, even though you have single handed get a job done without anyone’s help, just ensure that you pay due credit to your boss. All bosses love to get glowing compliments even though some of them might not deserve it at all.

Bosses are never always right

Bossesare expected not to know everything. Therefore sometimes bosses are wrong. The question is how to tell them that they are wrong without having your career being up in flames? Bosses don’t like to be taught however you could share relevant information that will lead them to deduce on their own that a mistake has been made. They will never admit their mistake however they will take the necessary steps to reactify the situation quick enough.

In meetings sit where the boss can notice you well

Not many likes to sit next to the boss. However that’s the best seat as you will have his/her ears and he/she does’nt have to search for you in the room when he/she needs an opinion from you. If he/she makes a joke, laugh along. You need to be seen to be in sync with his /her thoughts.

Timing is everything

If you have bad news to share with your boss, don’t deliver it on friday evening before the weekend or just when your boss is about to board the plan for holidays.Bad news will ruin the weekend or holidays and you will be responsible for it. If you have good news the its a different story. You still need to ascertain your boss’ mood before delivery any news.

You can get calls at odd hours

If you have established yourself as your boss right hand man, you will get calls any time of the day or even weekends and your email signal will beep at hours you can never imagine. If your boss have a young family it might not happen so often however if your boss has kids who are grown up and pursuing their own interest then you will most likely have emails and calls coming in at any time especially weekends. You will have less privacy. You will have calls that can come in even when you are watching movie. You will then need to decide wthether this is the kind of life that you wish to lead. You can always say no and be prepared for the consequences.

You are always under the microscope

Bosses like to test the limitation of their staff. If you happen to be a candidate worthy of being groomed for promotion, you will be tested even more. It doesn’t generally have to be with regards to work performance. It might have to do with a simple dinner arrangement for your boss and friends or customers. During dinner, every word that you utter is under close scrutiny especially if the boss have yet to decide who needs to be promoted. It s never just about work. Most of the time it has to do with what you least expect. Simply because bosses like to surprise people whenever necessary.

Never show that you can read the mind of your boss

Bosses like to feel that they have a different and unique thinking faculty that might not be comprehensible easily. No boss would like it if they know that the staff can read their mind and what actions they would like to initiate next. So sometimes its better just to follow instructions instead of anticipating whats the real intentions behind it. Sometimes you just need to pretend that you don’t know even though yoiu could anticipate it.

Do not show off unless its necessary

You can try to impress the boss however it works better at the right places. Never try to impress your boss all the time. You will los erespect of your colleagues and worse still your boss will start to question your own level of confidence and capability. Be patient and wait for the right moment to shine when it really matters.

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