Ten Things That You Need To Know About Customers

By | March 31, 2016

Ten Things That You need To Know About Customers

In the world of selling, we meet many types of customers however there are a few things about them that we should be aware about.

Customers Love to Bargain

For whatever price that has been quoted, customers love to challenge the price. Everybody wants to buy the highest quality product at the lowest possible price. Therefore once you are engrossed in the issue of pricing, its a murky area that might eradicate all your profitability even though in the end you might achieve the sale  image

Sell them a dream

The greatest value lies in the perceived price in the mind of the customer.If a customer thinks that its a cheap product, then the customer will not buy it unless the customer perceive that its cheap enough.Therefore the challenge is to sell them the concept of a dream on how can their life change for the better by buying the products. Its not easy however its necessary to avoid being sucked into the pricing concept.

Customers are buying confidence

The challenge is always on how best to allow the customer to focus on the good feel that they will have when they purchasea product. They need to feel that they can sleep well at night knowing fully well that whatever that they are buying will function as expected and even if there is any unexpected issue,you will not abandon them.

Customers are always right

Not matter what happens customer are always right. The challenge is how do you manage their expectation to ensure that you are not financially shortchanged in the end. Most of the time, they will ask for everything under the sky if they decide to buy from you. How do you manage that is a skill that you must learn. It is never about just selling a product. Selling yet not msake any decent profit from it beats the whole primary purpose of selling.

Never Give A Direct No To A Customer

We tend to say no in a direct way sometimes to the ones that we are talking to, be it a customer or a friend. No customer likes to hear that word. Instead of saying no to a request, we need to find another way to say what we meant. This could be sharing with them the implications that might arise if you say yes. You need to appeal to their understanding even though thats the hardest thing to do.

Manage Customer’s Expectation

If the first time a customer goes out for lunch with you and you decided to take him to an expensive place it will definitely have a lasting impression.The challenge is if you were to take the customer to a much cheaper place for meals next time, you can be rest assured that the customer won’t look favourably at you. The key is always in manging their expectation. There is no need to shower customers with such luxury only to realize that you cannot repeat that type of outing experience next time.

Take A Customer Out Of Their Comfort Zone

If you have the privilege to meet a customer not at his working place it only means that you will get a chance to see the customer’s true self. In a more relaxed environment, the customer tends to let their guard down and you will be able to read how they really think.If you go for a meal and they buy the most expensive food in the list you have an idea about their behaviour and expectation towards you as well.

Buy Them a Drink

If you are out for a cuppa with a customer, knowing what they order sometimes its a good way to understand their mind especially if you know that there might be a negotiation sessions later on.

If they are ordering whatwever that you plan to order, thats a great start for negotiations. However if you feel that they are purposely ordering something different from you even thought its not their favourite then you will need to inform your wife or girfriend that you will be home late.

They need to know that you are thinking of them

Whenever you travel far to meet a customer, bring along a small gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive from the point of view of the cost. However it needs to be expensive from the emotional point of view. In this case, customes need to feel that you have them in their mind whwen you are going there to meet them. It is the little things that counts.

Customer buys emotionally

Whenever there is a sales, we would most likely buy a lot of stuff as we feel its a great bargain. Even though most of the time we might not really needwhat we just bought due to the steep discount that we enjoy. Emotional element plays a very crucial role especially during thetimewhen customer needs to make a decionon whether to buy or not. At that stage, it has nothing to do with price already. It only has to do with the good feelings that comes along with the purchase of the products.

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