The Additional Ten Things That You Need To Know About Work

By | March 23, 2016

If you happen to find true love in the same company

We never know who will we meet next. Sometimes in an organization that we are in, we might fall in lovefor another unmarried co worker especially if we are ready to accept a life partner. If the feeling is mutual, a relationship is established. This type of relationship can be tricky since its within the same organization. Both of you need to act professionally in the office yet sometimes little things like how you talk to each other give away your secrets. Thereare hardly any secrets in the office and gossips tend to spread quickly. Rumour mills might work overtime. If that happens find ways jump ship elsewhere.

Your life partner is more important than work. image

That is an undeniable fact.

You can find a job anywhere in the world especially if you are really good in what you are doing however you might not be able to find someone like the one that you just established a relationship with.

Different job scopes need different sets of skills

If you climb up the corporate ladder, the skills that allowed you to be promoted might no longer be relevant. You need a reportoire of new skills sets. You need to learn quick and adapt well to gain respect. When you are newly promoted, there will always be questions about your ability. There will always be comparison to others. You answer them not by words however by your actions. Respect is earned not given therefore you need to show that you deserve the respect. This can only be done by how you are able to perform your job in your new enhanced portfolio.

Loyalty to yourself and your loved ones

Your primary loyalty is to ourself and your loved ones.

You have a measured loyalty to your company.

Make that distiction clear in your life.

The ones that will always be there for you are your family and loved ones.

They are the ones who will protect and shield you no matter what happens.

They will pick up arms and fight with you if necessary.

None others.

So when you pledge loyalty you need to know exactly the contraint that comes along with it.

Blind loyalty is pure stupidity.

Have a network of headhunters

If a headhunter call you out from nowhere do find time to meet them even though you might be happy where you are working. Only a face to face interaction will allow you to impress upon the head hunters that you are a good catch as a worthy candidate. The position they have for you might not be suitable at that point in time however if you impress them well enough, you will be the first person that they will think of. You want to be in that position with respect to head hunters.

Do not be rude or snobbish to the headhunters.

You need to understand that they talk to each other from other organizations.

And when you are ready to jump ship, you could alert all the headhunters that you know and what share exactly are you looking for. It will take a while for them to find something that might fit you so prepare long in advance.

You can stay away from politics however you need to be politically correct

Have we ever wondered why is that each company is led in their own unique way even though most of them learn about the principles of business in similar way?

The answer lies in the fact that we are dealing with human beings.

When it comes to human beings, emotional elements might take centre stage.

Some people like some others.

Others hate a few within the group.

People have their allegiance to different bosses.

As the company grows extensively these observations become more prominent.

You need to be aware and understand the intricacies of office politics and how to swim along yet never against the tide if possible.

Your response needs to be politically correct as an incorrect reply might not be melody to the ears of some.

Never Try to Climb Over Somebody Else

You might have the urge to do that if you wish to be promoted.

Talk bad about others that might be in the promotion race against you.

Find fault of their character and trumpet their faults in a subtle way so that you get brownie points to stay ahead.

Or undermine your current superior so that you can take over his or her position.

The rules of jungle warfare are not clearly well defined in this area.

However if you wish to walk this path and elevate yourself by bringing down somebody else you will definitely experience your moments of greatness. You might lose some respect along the way especially if you ruthlessdestroy somebody else in broad daylight.Yet you have to be aware that one day somebody else might do the same thing to you.

And you have to watch your back even more.

Maybe even in your sleep.

Is it worth it?

Karma has its own way of showing up.

If everybody else is drinking beer, be the only one drinking whisky

There are so many people in the organization yet how do you differentiate yourself so that you could be noticed? There is usually a role for everyone in the organization. However you need to find your own additional role that could put in you on an elevated pedestal. For instance, there might be a need entertain importants clients that are only well versed in certain language from time to time and the company just do not have that talent in the organization. The dearth in that talent is a potential platform to you if you happen to know that language. So do your homework first and research and plan ahead. Utilize that opportunity when it arises.

Never try to show off all the time

You might be great in what you do. However there are platforms for you to show off and there are times that you should stay behind the limelight. Never take the shine way from your boss even though you do most of the work. Never show off your skills all the time . Never try to be too smart.You will invite too many enemies.

Observe and act according to your instincts.

Learn to follow before you try to lead

Only when you learn the principles of being a follower will you be ready to take the lead.

If ylou lead without knowing how it feels to follow ou would never understand what might be in the mind of your subordinates. So if you want to lead someday, learn to follow. Especially follow the ones thatwill allow you to learn all the right tools to lead.

Have your back being strengthened

Cultivate a good relationship with the bosses even though you might nort report to them. If they request for help, quickly extend a helping hand. Bosses will test their staff in diffferent ways especially when the staff is most unaware. You show your ability by the way how you extend your assistance to them. You will never know what this will bring you in the future. However there s nothing fot you to lose. After all, if they look for you for assistance, not related to work, they must have some faith tha you could do the job in the first place. If not they would have asked somebody else. Time is precious to them. So if they need help, they will look for the ones who will most likely be able to carry out the intended task and achive the desired results. Do not delegate the job to someone else. If you screw up, you might never have the chance again. After all, bosses to talk to each other as well.

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