The Awesome Train Ride

By | March 13, 2016

As I traversed the crooked path, I stopped, paused and turned around. I wanted to capture an eternal image in my mind before I moved on to thenexct destination.

Albeit a short time, yet it astounded me in the most unexpected manner. IMG_3800

Yet the memories spent there for the last two days, although alone, allowed me a sense of tranquility that I have always seek yet never rally attained.

I wondered and thought hard what would be the difference if I had stayed for at least a week or even a month.

How would it changed my life would be anyone’s guess yet there were few things if life that you just knew it, instinctively, that would have been picture perfect if I were ever granted that opportunity.

I could still remember, at the dawning of a new day, when I was left breathless at the balcony by the true amazement of the wonders of nature, I observed the lady at the lower floor, scribbling what might be lovely words on a stack of postcards while sitting comfortably at the balcony. IMG_3441

Iwastaken bythat sight and the image would be etched at the corner of my mine for a very long time,

Only because it truly meant how much she was actually enjoying her escapade.

After all, having a break would mean unshackling ourselves from the reality of life.

It would be an escapade that many of us seek yet haven’t done anything about it to make it into reality.

I waited for the incoming train, one that I hoped would be late so that icould enjoy the atmosphere there a little longer.

However the train was punctual and I jumped into it with a heavy heart. IMG_3816

I found my seat and was pleasantly greeted by someone who sat opposite me, an Austrian national who told me that he was on his way to Vienna.

I was tired as I woke up very early to enjoy the magicalatmosphere of Hallstatt and even went for a hike at the other corner of little town.

He was a really friendly guy and laughed a lot whenever he joked.

At first, I did’nt talked much however smiled politely.

He continued to chat, oblivious of my facial experience of nearly dozing off.

He made jokes and laughed.

I couldn’t help but laughed too.

There was an air of warmth in him and he looked in trying to find a common topic of discussion.

As I marvelled at the sight outside as the train accelerated ahead to its destination, he took time to share with me the the geographical areas that we just passed by.

And he cracked jokes along the way. IMG_3835

His laughter was contagious.

And you couldn’t helped to wonder where did he find such unquantifiable amount of energy to keep focusing on the conversation.

When you are lonely and needed an interaction , he would be the best solution.

It kept me away from the lovely thoughts of Hallstatt.

Maybe that was for the better as I didn’t want to miss Hallstatt too much.

Even though I didn’t think that was possible.

The train ride was more than an hour however I felt that it was only for a short while. IMG_3866

After all, they alwaysmentioned that when you are having a good time, time itself accelerated forward in the quickest possible manner.

It was time to say goodbye.

He finally told me that he worked as a botanist.

That was really a wonderful surprise.

Sometime, a person’s occupation is never a reflection of their true intrinsic character.

Many a time, their true self will be exhibited at the right time under the most unprepared circumstance.

However I was fortunate enough to meet him in the train. IMG_3869

Maybe that’s why I always love to take trains in Europe.

Besides the amazing scenary that it proudly offered, you might have a good company in the form of a stranger whom you would be more than happy to share a conversation with.

You just do not know who you would really meet.

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