The Eight Things That You Need To Know About Work

By | March 23, 2016

There are few things that we should be aware about when we are working

Many of these are probably well known however sometimes its good to remind ourselves once again.

Work can never finish

We can work the whole year without taking any leave and we can never really finish our work.

If you finish early then expected or due to efficiency, new tasks would pile up. If you stay back late at your work place trying to finish your job for a while then it would subconsciously become a norm. If you decide to change your routine by going back early then you would be staring blankly at the walls of your home not knowing what to do. After all, you would switch back to your late working routine. Aftera few years and when you reflect again there will definitely be an air of regret enveloping you. Simply because no matter how much you try to finish your work it will never end.

We can work the whole year without taking any leave and we can never really finish our work. imageOnly th eelement of regret would envelope you. Simply because not matter how much you try to finish your work it will never end.

Never bring unfinished work home

Our home is our private space and should never be mix with work. Bringing back unfinished work is akin to transferring the element of stress to your home. You might end up talking more about work at home. Isn’t talking about work at your workplace stressful enough? Why then do we need to make our life even more stressful? The demarcation line should be clearly defined. It is a discipline that we need to inculcate into ourselves. We need to remind ourselves that work has no business to encroach into our home where tranquility is greatly sought after.If we bring unfinished work home the danger is that it might become a habit that would be difficult to ignore.The next thing is that your weekends would be occupied by work. Subsconciously we would not be able to differentiate what is work and what is home.

How then can we can find balance?

We are bulding somebody else’ dream

Many years ago there was once I worked late and my friend, who was an entreprenuer posed me a question. In his words, “ Why do you need to work so very hard? If its your company then its ok to do that.” That jolted me.

We need to remember that we are helping to build other people’s dreams then we must make it clear to ourselves that we are only assisting yet the dream is not ours. We might have a sense of satisfaction if we play our role effectively in building that dream yet we must be aware that the dream does not belong to us and it is not our dream.

Building a dream takes years and even if we believe whole heartedly in it and spend years working towards it will we reflect with regret one day if we decide to stop abruptly and join another company due to greater finacial package and higher level of responsibilities with the dreams unfulfilled.

The fact is that building dreams take years and unless you are prepared to spend many years of your working life helping people to achieve their dreams by being in the same company then wouldn’t it be more practical to be less emotionally attached to the whole idea of contributing to help others build their dreams?

After every three to four years, we will get itchy legs

For whatever reason, we start to look for opportunities elsewhere by the time we work at least three years in the company. Even though we are happy and contented. Its a good sign actually. It means that we are always striving to improve ourselves to be better and seek new challenges. The only way to be better is to be involved in doing it. For instance, a great sales person does not necessarily mean that the person will be a great sales manager. These are two different skills sets. However if you want to be a sales manager then you need to find opportunities to be one. Nothing is greater than on the spot training. You have to do it in order to get better. On the ther hand , working in a new company means being adaptable to your new boss, colleagues and the company culture which is expected to be different. Staying too long in a company draws you into a coccoon of comfort and will not challenge you frequently enough when it comes to self improvement and motivation.

If you change job, go for vertical not parallel jump

Not many people wants to work for the rest of their life and within the limited time frame of their career, they would want to achieve something worthy of their time. Some want to be a chief executive officer as a pinnacle of their career. Othersmight want to be more involved in field work. Yet we can only achieve our dreams if we take a step by step approach. After a few jobs we should know what we really want out from it. If we do not, then we have an issue at hand. However whenever we jump ship to another one which promises greener pastures we should jump vertically and never horizontally. For instance if you wish to be a chief executive officer, you probably have better chance at a smaller company rather than a large one unless you are already working in a gigantic corporations. If you are a successful salesperson and wanted to learn the ropes of manging a team then look fore such jobs elsewhere unless you are internally promoted. You just need to remember that the quantum jump in youyr salary package would only be higher if you jump to another ship completely.

There’s more to life than just work

We need to remind ourselves that we are not slaves to work.

We have a life and we have other priorities in life.

We need to make it crystal clear to ourselves from time to time.

If we are consumed by work, we will have no time to our loved ones and none for our friends.

We need to liberate ourselves from the notion that work is everything.

There are many more things to life than just work.

We will be much happier then.

Its never only about performance

Performance is a criteria for greater prospects in your career. However its worth noting that would not be the primary criteria. The challenge about work is that we interact with humans who might have different thoughts and agendas of their own. In order to improve your chances of promotion, you need to cultivate great relationship with your boss and a few others thst you think might have a bearing to your future prospects.

Be extra nice to the secretaries

Secretaries are gatekeepers to their bosses’ thoughts. Therefore it would always be good to cultivate a happy working relationship with them. You will never know what they will say to their bosses. However if you decide to pursue any of the secretaries romantically then be prepared to find anither job elsewhere after you have landed your prized catch. If your attempts reach a wall of futility then your prospects of promotion in the company is doomed.

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