The Man and His Four Wheel Trolley

By | March 15, 2016

I noticed a bespectacled man waiting outside a convenience shop. image
He was nearly bald and had little white hair.
Hewas holding on toa four wheel trolley.
I saw a packet of styrofoam food containerin a red plastic bag which would probably be his lunch.
I walked past him and went to another shop.
When I came out a while later on to my car I saw him talking slow walk down the road.
The four wheel trolley was being utilized as a support.
I noticed a transparent cup with a red coloured drink on top of the trolley however I couldn’t find the styrofoam food container.
Maybe he had just finished his lunch elsewhere.
Perhaps that explained why the transparent cup was only half full.
He took the first small step with his left leg.
Then he managed the secondlittle step with his right leg.
Every period of time he would inched forward.

Slowly however as steady as possible.
He stopped for a few seconds.
He triedto prepare himself to put forward his foot again.
He then repeated the motion again.
I watched him walked slowly behind a back alley.
imageAn elderly lady walked and smiled and told me that the elderly guy was actually walking home.
I didn’t know why she told me about the elderly man.
I guessed that she saw me watching him from behind.
She told me that every morning or near lunch time he would come out and exercised and walked to regain his strength.
Shementioned that he wanted to be as agile as before.
The elderly man must be a determined person.
Taking a slow walk everyday on his own without a word of complain.
The elderly lady told me that he stayed nearby and the elderly man was not well recently.
Ienquired where were his sons, daughters and wife.
She told me she wasn’t sure.
She had not seen them after a while.
She couldn’t hear properly and every time I uttered a few words she would leaned nearer with herright ear trying hard to listen.
She was smiling when talking to me.
She told me that when kids grew up they would have developed wings to fly far away.
Some might not even be back to visit their elderly ones.
She seemed to have given up on others.
However she seemed happy and still had the will to live her life to the fullest.
I told her that it was about to rain and the elderly man might not reached home in time.
The sky grew darker by the seconds.
The lady mentioned that the elderly man’s home was nearby only.
The lady bid farewell as she walked away.
Perhaps she knew that heavy rain would be on its way.
I couldn’t find the elderly man after a while.
He must have reached home.
I hoped so.

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