Thirteen Reasons Why You Should Graduate at a Younger Age

By | March 20, 2016

A friend of mine who did his postgraduate studies in masters programme for one year then convert it into a doctorate thesis after demonstrating compeling reasons to the academic committee that the work he did should be elevated to a doctoral thesis.

He duly achieved his doctorate in three years. image

If he had followed the conventional path he would need to obtain his masters then only attained his doctorate degree in perhaps another three years thus saving two years altogether.

I do know of some students who immediately enrol in the next level of studies of year twelve after receiving their results in the hope that they would graduate by thet ime when they are twenty one.

In the old days,most of us graduated with our first degreewhen we are about twenty three or twenty four years old.

Why then the hurry to graduate?

If you graduate earlier, you can consider to:

Try a few job

You have the chance to experiment with a few jobs before you really know what you want.

By the time you find that, you are most likely reaching late twenties.

The energy level would still be high and the enthusiasm never seems to waver.

Thirty is another phase of life of a different manner therefore it would be better to find some stability in the career during time.

Work Overseas

Earn your money when you are young.

If you graduate younger, look for opportunities to work overseas and earn in foreign currency.

It would most likely be more than you can earn here as a fresh graduate.A whole new experience awaits you yet definitely one that you would never regret.

If you think that you need to come back as your parents are getting older by the day, then at least you would have an overseas working experience to share.

Your resume would even looked more impressive.

Find Regional Jobs

Whenever possible look for regional roles that would allow you to travel overseas for work.

At young age, regional experience would tend to accelerate your maturity level as you deal with people of different culture.

You would find yourself to be more adaptable and embrace greater openness in your approach.

Finding opportunities for regional jobs are tougher as one might lack experience.

However never stop searching.

Regional jobs needs extensive stamina and lots of travelling so its best to do it when one is still young

Be an entrepreneur

If you have a dream protect it.

Dont let anyone discourage you.
Pour your energy into making your dreams a reality.
If you fail try again.

If you think that you would like work for someone else after trying it out for a few years, it’s still possible as you are still young
Enlarge your circle of friends
One’s circle of friends generally gets smaller by the time one reaches thirty.

The ones that you still hang out with ten years down the road are those friends that would be your close confidant and the ones that you can learn to trust more.
Consider postgraduate if you are caught in an economic downturn

If you graduate young and the economy is in the doldrums then perhaps you can continue to venture into postgraduate studies.
Try to get a scholarship or teach to lessen financial burden.
By the time you get your masters or doctorate the downturn could be over and job opportunity would be aplenty.

Best part is that you are still young even with a postgraduate degree.
Buy a property after a few years
Car depreciates while property prices accelerates if purchased at the right place and time.

Investing in a property at young age when you have some financial capability is a good way to maintain discipline in your expenditure.

The challenge always is that sometimes we do not really know what we spend every month.

Yet if we are compelled to allocate a certain amount of money to pay the monthlyintallments of the loanat least we know where we spend our money.

At the same time, having a home of our own makes us feel belonged to something special.

And you would most likely spendmore time at home.

First car is to use for work
ou don’t need to show off with your new car as it’s function is primarily to allow you greater efficiency at work especially if you are working in the city.

Due to the generally meagre sum of salary of your first job, options of car purchase are generally limited.

With greater financial means, we have better options.
Second car is a reflection of your achievement.

If you garduate young, work hard and smart along the way, perhaps you would even have the luxury of purchasing your second car long before you hit thirty.
If you are financially stable after a few years you can consider to keep your first car when you buy your second car especially if your first car is not expensive and after depreciation it could have negligible resale value.
Ten years down the road you will look back with glee.

The first one always have the greatest impact.
Have older friends to show you the way
Have a circle of older friends to show you the ropes.

Time is precious.

Its good to learn things on our own however its even better if some of the things we could learn from other’s experience.

In this manner thats only possible if you have older friends who have gone through that path before.

Even if they haven’t gone througfh the same path, they could most likely offer greater insignts based on their experience and maturity of thoughts.

Its impossible to learn everything however its possible to learn from others.
Go for holidays
Holidays are refreshing and rejuvenating.

Going for holidays when you are in early twenties and ten years down the road are two totally different experience.

We need to reward ourselves from time to timeso that life would be more meaningful.

Find a hobby that can turn into a money spinner

If we love what we are doing we will find ways to be better.

We are eager to improve ourselves.

Yet our hobby can sometimes be a relevant business venture.

We might be an employee at that time yet perhaps many years down the road the hobby that we have might give us more monetary returns compared to our full time job.

That’s probably when we need to quit our full time job.

Focus on our greatest potential is the primary objective.
Park a portion of your money in insurance while premium is still low when you are young.

When you graduate young and having found a job, you are mot likely able to allocate some funds for insurance premium.
Take your parents for holidays
In ten years their mobility might be restricted so you have to tailor made your holidays according to their constraints. Therefore when you start earning money at a young age find time to take them for holidays when they are still able to have greater flexibility in their movement.

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