Who Is Your Inspiration?

By | March 17, 2016

In one particular movie, there was a new teacher who inspired his students in his own unorthodox way. In one particular scene, he managed to coax the three students to take a walk outside the school building, watched by the other students in his class. The student in front walked at his own pace while the second student behind him tried to walk according to his own rhythm however eventually followed the tempo of the first student. The teacher explained that it was important to find your own rhythm of walking however therewould begreat temptations to follow others expecially if you are not sure that you are heading in the right direction. The teacher was simply trying to use the example to drive home the message that we should find our own path and beware of the dangers of comformity.

In classes, the teacher encouraged and motivated them to find their own path and asked themselves to embrace and live life to the fullest.

Be passionate about what they do and seek what they really love. image

He spoke about the need to seize the day and challenged the students on how best they see themselves playing an effective role in the society.

I remembered my Physics teacher very well.

It must be due to him that I found joy in Physics even though it might be looked upon a dull subject by many more.

When we enjoy what we are learning, we tend to put in more effort into itand most likely we would improve.

If we dont like it and enjoy it, the what is the motivation for us to be better?

It would become a torture yet we would not find ways to improve ourselves since there is no motivation to do so in the first place.

In working life, we tend to perform better if we are doinmg something that we like and enjoy working.

We put in countless hours to improve yet we never complain.

Simply because we never thought of it that we were working in the first place.

If we love what we are doing, we are really not working at all.

Yet while working we constantly seek inspiration and guidance from our immediate superior as they are expected to know the ropes more than us and can enlighten with practical possibilities that we might not have heard before.

We want to learn to be better.

Especially doing the things that we love.

The greatest setback is when we have an immediate superior who doesn’t understand the business and never take the trouble to learn about the business yet could try to be smart enough to offer suggestions which might seem practical to him yet impossible to implement in real life.

Worse is if we have a superior who has a huge ego to feed which would make things worse as nothing we say would be right.

The worst is obviously when the immediate superior tried to boast about his credentials when he had none in the first place as people are smart enough to check his background.

Therefore work becomes routine, mundane and unexciting.

The immediate superior becomes the greatest demotivating factor.

The love for the job can be jeopardized simply because of all this.

How then to perform better in such circumstances?

As in the case of the students, there would be no motivation for them to learn the subject if their teacher just read from the text book and would expect everyone to understand and accept the information without filtering it in the mind.

When it comes to exam time, they would most likely perform poorly as there is no motivation for them to improve.

Trying to read the subject itself would be a torture.

In the end, they see no reason to try harder.

And most likely would give up in the end.

As in the case of the employees, losing their motivation to be better means the death of imspiration.

Generrally this is due to their immediate superior or even the top management.

If you cannot inspire them to greater heights and fight for you, why would they want to do it in the first place?

They will just take their salary and do what is expected of them.

Yet nothing more.

They would not fight harder.

They prefer to go back on time.

As there is nothing holding them back.

My friend told me one that her superior would lecture her for so long, pointing all the mistakes and what could be done better.

The moment the conversation ended, she would feel demotivated.

How then to compete her task in such a state of mind.

Furthermore her superior lectured so long to the extent that she couldn’t finish her work in time.

How can such an ineffective boss work in a company?

No wonder many of these companies just could not reach a different level of excellence.

Without the right encouragement, there would be no inspiration.

Without inspiration, they would be no passion.

Without passion, extraordinary results would only exist in dreams.

Why then are they bosses in the first place?

If you cannot inspire, you shouldn’t lead.

If you cannot lead, you cannot be a boss.

Step aside or be pushed away.

Let a better person do the job.

Only then the company shall progress.

If not, the organization is guaranteed to slide into oblivion.

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