A Weekend Excursion

By | June 11, 2016

I was surfing through the internet and I was trying to decide on which place to stay for a friday night in Singapore. As I was expected to finish late and have an early appointment the next day my plan was to find a clean and affordable place to stay.

There were many options yet I stumbled upon this website called The Pod which seemed to be very unique and trendy yet price is reasonable. The photos in the website were tempting and the comments were remarkably interesting. I decided to book it online and the next thing I know the booking was completed without much hassle via credit card.

After catching up with a friend in Jurong I took an MRT and alighted at Bugis. With some help of passerby,I was traversing the busy yet entertaining Arab street as I find my way towards The Pod which is located in Kampong Glam. Within ten minutes, I arrived at the site. IMG_6998

Once you pressed the bell at the door at ground floor, it opened after a short while. There was a lift that would bring you up to the third floor.

At the reception, a relaxing yet soothing music caressed your ears. The reception is a 24 hours one therefore that would be convenient if you intend to check in late or need any assistance from them at wee hours. Check in time is 3pm and check out time is 11am

A lady was there to assist me with my check in details. She was friendly and helpful and proceeded to showed me the capsule in the fourth floor, accesible by a keycard. Once inside the floor, I noticed there were three rooms, each accesible with the key card. There was a common area with shared bathrooms and ironing area with hair dryer as well.

Wifi was freely available and that was really good to ensure connectivity.

IMG_7004All rooms including the reception area and the breakfast place and the common corridor that would lead you to the shared bathrooms are fully air conditioned which makes it pretty comfortable when its a hot and humid weather outside.

All rooms are non smoking rooms.

There was a stack of shoe lockers which were unlock and I was supposed to put my shoes in the locker.

The young lady showed me my front entry capsule yet it was on the upper side even though I requested for a lower one.

They changed it without hassle so that was pleasantly nice.

There would be a locker accesible via key card below the bed for the luggage.

After a quick shower, I went out for a stroll around the happening area enveloping the The Pod. It was a lively yet scenic scene. IMG_6997

I had hot ginger tea at one of the places and just enjoyed the environment of the night.

Along the way I also realized that there would be an MRT station called Nicoll Highway which is just a five minutes walk from The Pod.

It was my first time sleeping in a such a manner yet I find the bed comfortable. There were about eight capsules in my room yet it was kind of quiet. For privacy purposes, you could pull down the shutter which could be the unwanted noise at night yet most of the occupants in my room were already in when I reached there. So there was a moment of tranquility there. If you could ignore the feel of being placed in a rectangle capsule then everything else would be fine.

The other type of capsule available would be side entry capsule. That would be alternative option. IMG_7010

Waking up early morning means it would be straight to the shared bathroom down the alley. It was a simple set up yet the clealiness of the area and the shared bathroom was admirable.There was a need for a queue yet it was never too long.

Breakfast served in the morning consist of a variety of choices and there would be options of coffee cappuchino and many others. I noticed a fridge whereby you could leave your food or drinks stuff in there as long as you labelled it for easier identification later on. IMG_7009

It was primarily a young crowd during breakfast time. I made some new friends from Austria and Vietnam. I noticed that there were some who came in earlier to check in yet they could leave their bags at the counter for convenience purposes.

Friendly and helpful staff at the reception counter at the time I was there did indeed leave a lasting impression.

It was indeed a pleasant experience for one night at a cost of SGD60.05 nett.


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