Precious Moments at the Book Launch ‘A Man and His Wallet & other stories’

By | August 15, 2016

In any event, it is the interaction between the guests before the commencement of the event that will provide the vibrant nature of the atmosphere that is usually sought after in any event.

It is also heartening to knowthat some of the guests knew each otherbimage

before hand. The guests primarily are corporate figures, educationists, friends and IMU students which represents a colourful mixture for the event itself.

Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Abu Bakar Suleiman, President of IMU and also the Chairman of Integrated Healthcare Hospital (IHH) is the guest of honour. Tan Sri Professor Datuk Dr. Augustine Ong, President of MOSTI and MINDS, Dato’ Sri Yap Choon Lee, Executive Director of Sin Heap Lee Consolidated (SHL), Professor Chia Swee Ping and Professor Kurunathan Ratnavelu (President of Malaysian Institute of Physics) and Dr. Mei Ling Young, Deputy Vice Chancellor of IMU for International and Engagement are some of the VIPs from the corporate and education fraternity present.

imageA few more voluntarily stepped in to help at the registration desk and manned the counters for book sales while a few assisted to look after the guests as well.

The presence of my parents makes ther whole event even more meaningful.

Special thanks to my sister, Tan Bee Chin who assisted to coordinate the event on 28th July 2016.

Being experienced in Event Management does indeed come in handy.

imageMany thanks to Tan Bee Eu, my second sister, an architect whose collaborative work with me allows the imprint of LiveFree to be born in the most creative and impactful manner.

My cousin, Tan Bee Ean, was present either in the Senate Room or Foyer to ensure everything is in order.

Hats off to her.

Friends from Fourth College University Malaya like Christine, Clarissa, Kuam Sau, Mei Kuin, Hock Chuan and Canry with their kids formed one of the biggest support groups during the event as evident from their mutiples of wefies and selfies taken then.

Despite their hectic schedule many friends were present during the Book Launch to lend their moral support.

imageA few friends who took a day or half a day off just to assist to ensure the event run as smoothly as possible include Alice Lee and Kuam Sau.

Susan Ng who performed splendidly well as an emcee for the day.

Mei Kuin’s assistance at the registration desk is very much appreciated.

Christine’s assistance to assist to pick up the gigantic red balloon does indeed helped a lot not to mention to be thankful for Yow’s efforts to pick up the fruit tarts from the cake house and fetch my parents and cousins for the event.

Friends like Thomas Leong , Bon Sze Shean, Camelia and Dr Vanitha make it point to pop by to congratulate me.

Representatives from Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Caring Pharmacy and old friends like Helena and Vivian were there to give moral support.

My ex student, Wen Rence and another student’s dad (Armin) were present as well.

imageSome of the IMU teaching staff and executives together a handful of students were there to give a helping hand.

The guest performers, Chaing YiLing and Hayden Kua performed admirably well and kept the crowd hooked on their seats.

The VIPs presence on that historic days is a moment to remember for a very long time.

After such occasion, upon reflection, you will find that it is the litle things in life that really matters.


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