The story behind the Doodle for A Man and His Wallet & other stories

By | August 18, 2016

The initial plan was to use doodle as part of the book content. It could be a representation of certain ideas or thoughts yet its supposed to abstract enough for the reader to intepret based on their own thoughts.

Then when I submit another set of what I considered serious sketches I ended with a dilemma on which version that I should submit for the final print.

I never told anyone what were my final choices however these options bugged me for a while and there was a time that I tried to doodle according to what I thought might be attractive yet abstract enough to appeal to the readers. Yet it did not turn out in a way that I find apppealing.                                          image

I searched my thoughts for answers.

I took some time off to relax and clear my mind.

I wanted a version of my own  that is a reflection of my thoughts and imagination.

The challenge with doodle is that its not possible to be done with pencil and then retrace the lines using a pen if you do it quickly in a freestyle manner.

Everything is a single touch with an ink pen  and if its not according to what you think it should be, it will go straight into the dustbin.

For the doodles that I did not choose in the end, I kept it aside so as to remind me of the choices that I have and the choice that  I finally made.

Yet doodle is best done when your mind is never constraint by any thoughts that could hinder your imagination.

Let your heart whisper in your ears.                                                    image

Let your mind wander.

Let your imagination run riot.

Sometimes aimlessly without any specific direction.

Many times when you are trapped in a maze, your mind becomes sharper and much more focus if you can keep your cool.

As you decide on what’s the best course of action to be taken next.

Nobody can tell you what’s the best choice.

imageThey can advise you.

Yet the decision is yours to take.

Our choice.

Our path.

It’s part of growing up.

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