Why Choose 28th July 2016 for the Book Launch?

By | August 15, 2016

A Man And His Wallet and other stories consist of twenty eight thought provoking stories with the central themes of unconditional love, strength of family bonds, righteous moral values, respect for the elderly, passion for life and the inherent potential of self belief.

The style of writing is one of simplicity, direct and upholding a no holds barred approach. image

First part deals with the individuals closest to you, in this very case, our parents.

Second part explores the the people who has made a difference in our lives and how they influence our thoughts.

Third part exmines the brutal reality of working life.

28th July 2016 was chosen because twenty eight represents the total number of stories in the book.

On the other hand, 28 consists of 2 and 8 which individually 2+8=10.

10 is a sought after number as in perfect 10.

On the other hand, 1 and 0 represents YES and NO in the truth table within the context of Logic Gates studies in Electronics.

As to whether its a YES or NO the choice is ours and the choices made are what really defines us.

On another note, in numerical connotation, 28th July 2016 can be written as 28-07-16.

16 written individually would represents 1 and 6 and if adds up will total 7.

07 will then individually (0+7) total up to be 7.

If we were to add 7 (for month) and 7 (for year 1+6) we will get 14.

Then 28 is a multiple of 14 therefore 28=2(7+7) (hence the significance of 2 in 2016 and 2 +0 individually would add up to be 2)

Sometimes if we look deeper, we can find beauty in almost everything that we choose.

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