50 Best Malaysian Titles for International Rights 2016/17

By | March 20, 2017

When I received a phone call last year informing me that A Man and His Wallet & other stories has just been selected as one of the 50 Best Titles for International Rights 2016/17 I jumped for join. Yet gravity was strong enough to ensure that I kept my feet on the ground. I didn’t really sleep well on that very night and wondered whether the whole telephone conversation was just a dream. I pinched my thigh and experienced a slight pain so I knew that I was not in dreamland.

However the next day I decided to call the person again to verify whether was it really me who was dreaming. When she indeed confirmed that the news was no fluke and I was indeed very much alert the previous day my heart wanted to burst out screaming. I yearned to scream at the top of my voice and let the world know how much the news meant to me. Yet I never really told anyone yet and I thought best to wait for the official confirmation. image

I could only envisage the possibilities that lie ahead.  When I wrote ‘A Man and His Wallet & other stories’ it was not with the objective of winning awards even though it was a really nice thought. It was primarily to share with the target audience how I perceived the intricate trappings of life and the many perception that might offer a maze of possibilities which sometimes will only tend to confuse us if we are not to remain focus in what we want.

The book, together with the rest of the selected ones  were later displayed at the Malaysian Pavillion during the Frankfurt Book Festival (19th October to 23rd October 2016), arguably the largest and most prestigious book festival in the whole world.

It was indeed a pleasant experience to know that my book, the first foray in the world of English creative writing, was chosen in such a manner.

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