A gem in the train

By | March 21, 2017

I didn’t notice him until I heard him talking to a young lady next to me.

There were many people waiting to catch the next train. He was chatting happily with her.

He enquired about the furthest train station away from town and was amazed at how far the last station was and even heard to exclaimed ‘Wow’.

After a few minutes the train arrived and the young lady helped him navigate his way into the train. He was holding a long stick to assist him in feeling his way around.

He sat next to a tall man in his twenties. He called out to the young lady however she had already moved to the next coach.

He spoke in fluent English and enquired whether the man could assist him as he planned to alight at one of the stations.

The man in his twenties agreed to help him.                                          image

He started fiddling with his phone and checked the messages and listened to it.

The man tried to take a peek at what he was doing.

He has a beautiful set of sparkling eyes that could melt the hardest iron.

The innocence in him can be felt just by gazing at his eyes.

He never seemed to complained about his situation.

His world is in darkness yet he illuminates the darkest hours with his heart warming smile.

He is a handsome teenage boy, adorable enough for anyone who just wanted to give him a squeeze and to whisper in his ears that everything in life is beautiful and there exist abundance of love in the world.

A  universe that sometimes is so in need of love.

His world might looked different however he never seemed to complain about it.

You could sense his enthusiasm abut life just by watching him speak.

You felt for him by the innocence that he displayed.

The train finally arrived at his destination.

The man in his twenties helped him to get on his feel and within seconds, he was out of the train.

He tried looking for his arm for support and felt his muscular built at the same time and expressed his admiration at how tall the young man was.

The young man just smile and continued his pace of walking, followed closely by him.

At the exit of the station, the man bid goodbye and he was all alone, presumably waiting for his friend to pick him up.

I walked up to him and enquired whether someone is picking him up.

He could not place where the voice is coming from therefore did not look at me directly.

He tried using his phone to call his friend however the line was busy.

I just helped him to wait next to the ticket counter and informed the man behind the desk that this little young boy would be waiting for his friend.

The little boy seemed to know what he was doing.

Yet when he smiled, it could melt the hardest metal on earth.

Charming enough to be noticed.

Innocence enough to be hugged.

Brave enough to face the world.

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