A Man and His Wallet & other stories – Newspaper Review

By | March 20, 2017

A Man and His Wallet & other stories is a collection of 28 stories primarily about growing up. It’s primary themes include unconditional love, strength of family bonds, righteous moral values, respect for the elderly, passion for life and the inherent potential of self belief.  image

Its a straight forward, no holds barred approach to the subject of interest, advocating the principle that Simplicity is Beautiful.

It was launched on 28th July 2016 in International Medical University by Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Abu Bakar Sulaiman. There was a list of distinguished guests, well wishers and friends who was there to give moral support t the event.

imageSoprano maestro Chaing YiLing and Music whizkid Hayden Lim showed prowess and maturity in their exception performance during the opening act.

The review of A Man and His Wallet & other stories was carried out in the Star, Sun and Berita Harian respectively.image

To have people comment on your book is probably one of the best way to understand whether the messages that you intend to propagate to the readers are well understood in its original context. There is nothing more significant than to know that your message has somehow someway allow the reader to perhaps comprehend a little bit more about life in the way that it should be.

A Man and His Wallet & other stories is all about Growing Up.

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