The rebirth of Topeng

By | March 24, 2017

It took me three weeks to complete the manuscript.

Exploring the world of my own and extending the boundaries of my creativity furthest possible.

I wrote.

And I wrote.                             image

The only break was for meals and other necessities in life.

It was a semester break.

A perfect time to find solace and tranquility from within.

Seeking none other than to channel my thoughts in the most productive manner.

Topeng is pure fiction.

Yet the inspiration comes from everywhere around us.

Topeng is about an individual who lost himself while pursuing his dreams.

I remembered when the manuscript was accepted by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka for publication I did jumped for joy.

At that very moment in time, I wanted it more than a lot of other things in life.

I forgot about everything else.

All my energy is channeled for none other than Topeng.

After a quarter of a century, Topeng will be published again.

A rebirth.

A nostalgic moment in time.

For some of the most beautiful memories in life, sometimes we do tend to hope to experience it all over again.

This is the time.

I now wait impatiently.

For the historic moment to recapture the past glorious moment.

The moment that changed my world completely.




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