The Sketches In A Man and His Wallet & other stories

By | March 20, 2017

In working on A Man and His Wallet & other stories project, I decided that the stories should be interspersed with sketches that focus on human emotions. The primary thrust would still be the stories however I thought the sketches would add uniqueness to the story.

I experimented with the first batch of sketches and decided to send to a selected handpicked readers about their thoughts. However before that I already use my doodle collection as part of the original twenty eight stories. image

When I received feedback, some commented that the doodle artwork make them visualize how the real individual would look like and add a little mystery to the whole scenario which I thought is really insightful. The biggest influence is when one of them told me that the longer he looked at the doodle artwork the more absorbing it becomes. There were some who thought that the sketches would make perfect sense and I shouldn’t dwell too much about it.

So I was loss for words and did not know what to do for a while. I did try doodling again and utilize some pointers that was made available to me. However I felt that the result did not reflect my character and what I really wanted to portray.

My artwork has to be a reflection of my philosophies and inclination. It has to convey a message that I have in mind.

The question is how do I do that.

It was an internal struggle of my thoughts as I grapple with this possibility emotionally as I found myself sucked into a spiralling staircase that might lead to oblivion.

imageHowever for whatever reason, I found the approach that I wanted in the end for my doodle artwork which is more refined and less abstract compared to the original one yet still convey the untainted message in the most uncompromising way.

It was a gradual metamorphosis that only serves to remind me that as we explore our own creativity and thoughts within our very own sphere of possibilities we tend to find a path that will lead us to somewhere beautiful.

An utopia of serene beauty.

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