what is important in life?

By | April 23, 2017

I was with a Friend of mine who is a medical practitioner for a number of years and probably in his sixties.
We were chatting about everything under the sun when he shared with me his philosophies of life.image
He knew exactly what he wanted when he was young hence his involvement in the medical fraternity.
Apart from his career he believe in having a family and at a certain age hopefully have grandchildren.
With the wealth that he has accumulated all these years he is able to Ensure that his children are well taken care of financially which includes a property for each of them and insurance coverage.
He also ensures that his grandchildren are looked after in that sense.
He makes sure that they go for holidays from time to time.
To him how much money does he really need?
What’s important is that he has a family with Wife and his children and grandchildren to look forward to.
At his age his priorities have evolved.
When he was younger making lots of money is important as he needs the financial capability to provide to his family.
When they are reaching adulthood and have the ability to work and make some money on their own that’s the part that he let go a little bit more.
With his grandchildren he ensures that they are looked after financially as well.
He is financially strong yet is a humble person who is very much close to his family.
His source of happiness is when he is able to provide love and happiness to his family while ensuring that they are financially independent in the Long run.
At his age that is contentment.

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