The Resistance in Life

By | July 6, 2017

If you try to push a very heavy object chances are that it will not move.

The push resulted in the frictional force between the heavy object and the ground to spring into action.

Friction is yet another faceless entity that comes into existence the very moment when it opposes motion.

The harder you push the greater is the intensity of friction to drive against your wishes.

The magnitude of friction increase the greater the forward force is.

The best part is the object is still stationary.

So maybe you push even harder.

Yet friction is all out against you.

However if you are able to push with an increasing force eventually the object will move.

There is indeed a maximum magnitude of frictional force.

If you can surpass that value the object will finally move.

Such a unique force called static frictional force will increase in magnitude as long as the forward force pushes with greater intensity until it reaches a maximum value.

Once that maximum value is surpassed the object suddenly moves with ease.

Once the object is in motion, dynamic friction takes over.

Yet dynamic friction is always lower than static friction in terms of magnitude.

Thats why it is always easier to move forward when an object is already in motion.

The nature of the surface will also determine the magnitude of the frictional force against the motion.

The rougher the surface the higher is the frictional force.

This is characterized primarily by a parameter called coefficient of friction.

The coefficient of friction for dynamic fricition is lesser than static friction therefore its much easier to move the object which is already in motion.

In life, we faced challenges from time to time.

Sometimes these challenges suck so much of our energy that it seems impossible to find the surplus of energy to carry us forward.

However once we are able to surmount the challenge then we are more likely to prevail.

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