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By | May 21, 2018

LiveFree Develop

A Man and his Wallet & other stories were used as part of a tool in conducting motivational courses for the young. The book explores the all-encompassing themes of unconditional love, strength of family bonds, righteous moral values, respect for the elderly, passion for life and the inherent potential imageof self-belief.

A number of talks were held in international school and also primary schools in the hope that it will generate the creative spark among the students while instilling some form of understanding about life based on the stories in the book itself.

imageIt is very much hoped that A Man and his Wallet & other stories will continue to generate some form of interest among the students while participating in the motivational talks. The young generation, after all, is the torch bearer ofimage tomorrow.

Alex Tan was able to share his experience and conduct motivational talks in Kampar International School, Sekolah Wawasan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, St Xavier’s Institution and others as well.

The experience has been truly unique as dealing with the young allows us a rare insight into a world full of innocence yet allows us to marvel at their creative prowess.  Sometimes children can indeed teach us valuable lessons in life. We are all students irrespective of age, as long as our hearts and mind are receptive and mature enough to embrace new ideas and are still very much hungry for knowledge.

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