LIVEFREE offers consultancy services to medical device manufacturers looking to gain a distinctive footprint by adopting effective strategies by providing trustworthy and accurate data directly from the market after countless of engagement with various stakeholders within the competitive healthcare  ecosystem.

LIVEFREE traces its humble beginnings in 2017 when LIVEFREE was given the opportunity to spearhead the business development exercise in Malaysia for Invendo Medical, a manufacturer and distributor of a single use colonoscopy system. In 2014 Invendo Medical has already closed a Euro20.3 million financing round led by Xeraya Capital, wholly-owned by Khazanah Nasional Berhad. By 2017, Ambu, a global leader in single-use endoscopy product has purchased Invendo Medical for Euro225 million.

After being involved in a number of projects associated to business development, differential marketing exercises and strategic initiatives with global companies like CellMark, Brainlit and Echosens (to name a few), LIVEFREE then expanded its horizon by venturing into the healthcare talent acquisition ecosystem  and high impact master class training exercises.

LIVEFREE is led by ALEX TAN since its inception in late 2016. ALEX TAN, a postgraduate degree holder in particle physics, was formerly with IdsMED, Asia’s leading medical supply chain solutions company owned by Hong Kong based Fung Investments in his capacity as Director of Marketing. ALEX TAN is also an author with 6 books (4 English and 2 Malay books) to his credit.

LIVEFREE focus in
I) sales and marketing
II) high impact master classes
III) strategic initiatives
IV) talent acquisition
V) sales and marketing                                           

LiveFree Venture conducts book workshops in schools using his book A Man and his wallet & other stories as a guide. He hopes to inculcate noble values among the children of today and reignite the joy of learning English. A Man and his wallet & other stories was selected as one of the 50 Best Malaysian Titles for international Rights 2016/17.


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