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Testimonial from IdsMED

Deep insight into the medical industry. Has been very successful in his endeavours and great catch for a highly challenging post. Thrives on challenges.   Kiritharan Senior Manager idsMED via LinkedIn  

Testimonial from General Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Alex looks at business from analytical point of view combine with a profound understanding of the market. Alex develops comprehensive strategy taking into a account of the customer needs and also the competitive environment. Alex goes the extra mile to fulfill the customer needs. Alex will be an outstanding asset to any organization. Dr. Joseph… Read More »

Testimonial from Boston Consulting Group

I had the opportunity to work with Alex on my recent consulting project. I was very impressed by his knowledge of healthcare industry and market dynamics. He was a very structured thinkered and could look at issues from high level with deep insights. He was also very professional in representing his company. It was a… Read More »

Testimonial from Leica Microsystems

Alex has analytical mind and thinks strategically. He constantly searches for ways to achieve growth. He has an excellent understanding of the market and the customer as well as competence in technical and commercial aspects. Hisability to communicate and build up network in all level round up his impressive qualification. Ohm Savanayana Director Microsurgery &… Read More »

Testimonial from Invendo Medical GmbH

“I have been working with Alex over the past two years. He provided services as a marketing consultant for the introduction of our novel category of medical devices into the South East Asian markets. Alex is extremely diligent and focused on relevant details. He succeeded in getting us in front of the most important key… Read More »