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Ten Things That You Need To Know About Customers

Ten Things That You need To Know About Customers In the world of selling, we meet many types of customers however there are a few things about them that we should be aware about. Customers Love to Bargain For whatever price that has been quoted, customers love to challenge the price. Everybody wants to buy… Read More »

Ten Reasons Why A Sales Job is What You Really Need

The challenge about not knowing what your first job should be can be a mind boggling question. Unless you really know what is it that you want its a daunting task trying to figure out what job you should apply in the first place. The consolation is that while you graduate young you could afford… Read More »

Ten Things That You Need To Know About Bosses

Most people have the opportunity to work with different bosses. However there are some key points that we should know about bosses. Ride on the Right Horse There are generally many bosses in the company. Working there for a while would be able to tell you who are the influential bosses and who are the… Read More »

The Eight Things That You Need To Know About Work

There are few things that we should be aware about when we are working Many of these are probably well known however sometimes its good to remind ourselves once again. Work can never finish We can work the whole year without taking any leave and we can never really finish our work. If you finish… Read More »

How To Destroy A Winning Team?

Once upon a time there was a key management personnel being hired into an organization. At that time, there were three long serving male management team members who were working there andwere known to be the key decision makers for the company. They have worked in the company for so long that they knew the… Read More »

A Question Of Loyalty

I was having a cup of coffee with a chief executive officer of an organization recently where he told me about a candidate for one of the vacant position in the organization. He mentioned that the candidate is very qualified based on the number of years of experience and also the different type of responsibilities… Read More »

How Loyal Should You Be?

There was once I knew a general manager who spent twenty five years in the company. It was his first job and he rose from rank and file to reach the top. I do know of another friend who spent almost forty years in the company, from an administrative clerk to a manager. It was… Read More »

Will The Real Boss Please Stand Up?

Yesterday my friend told me that she had to go back late even though it was a Friday night because her boss wanted to have a discussion with her. In my mind, it was a Friday night. People are looking forward for the weekend yet you have a boss who is more interested to hold… Read More »

The Blame Game

In one of the series that I watched, the emperor enlisted the help of a great military strategist to withstand the impending onslaught of the enemy on their territories. The great military strategist, feigning sickness, instead suggested somebody else for the role. The emperor finally consented and the great military strategist retreated to his village.… Read More »