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How Loyal Should You Be?

There was once I knew a general manager who spent twenty five years in the company. It was his first job and he rose from rank and file to reach the top. I do know of another friend who spent almost forty years in the company, from an administrative clerk to a manager. It was… Read More »

Will The Real Boss Please Stand Up?

Yesterday my friend told me that she had to go back late even though it was a Friday night because her boss wanted to have a discussion with her. In my mind, it was a Friday night. People are looking forward for the weekend yet you have a boss who is more interested to hold… Read More »

The Blame Game

In one of the series that I watched, the emperor enlisted the help of a great military strategist to withstand the impending onslaught of the enemy on their territories. The great military strategist, feigning sickness, instead suggested somebody else for the role. The emperor finally consented and the great military strategist retreated to his village.… Read More »

Why Do You Need a Specialist?

There are many huge companies out there. Most of the huge companies have plenty of divisions of sales due to the different product portfolio that they carry. With these multiple divisions and different range of products for a certain customer base, it most likely means that if the procurement division of the customer were to… Read More »

Here Comes The New Boss

Somebody that I happened to know works in a huge corporate company. One fine day she told me that her boss now has a new boss. Before that her boss was reporting to someone and after a while, her boss has a new boss and the new boss reports that that someone else. In short,… Read More »

All the Fuss about Meetings

We live in a world where companies hold internal meetings for staff briefing and updates. Sometimes you will find organizations where there are endless meetings and wherever you try to get somebody in the upper hierarchy level you will most likely find them busy with meetings. Whenever you asked a top level manager the most… Read More »


A rich man once told me that the organization ranked first and not the customers or the employees. To him, without the organization,where else can the employees earned a living. And without the organization, where else can the customers find good products. I never responded to that statement out of respect. Since he is a… Read More »

Making a Mockery of the Pyramid System

It is well known that in a pyramid system with respect to a hierarchy of an organization the top management is sitting at the apex of the pyramid while the sales, marketeers and administrative staff rest at the bottom of the pyramid. This is a similiar structure when an army general commanded his troops to… Read More »

A Question of Discipline

I heard a few companies was trying to instill discipline on their staff by enforcing the rule that they must be punctual for work. This was applicable across the board from the administrative staff to the sales and marketing team. During my early younger days I remembered that when it was nearly eight thirty in… Read More »

To Kill With a Borrowed Dagger

Once upon a time there were three generals who are known for their ferocious fighting skills and unparalleled swords play. However unknown to many, each have their own inherent weakness yet these weaknesses were easily camouflaged when they fought together as one. Soon, their fame stretched across the region and stories of their bravery and… Read More »