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LiveFree Creative 2017

LiveFree Creative LiveFree Creative is responsible for the publication of A Man and his Wallet & other stories in 2016 and was selected as one of the 50 Best Malaysian Titles fot International Rights 2016/17 by Majlis Buku Kebangsaan Malaysia. A Man and his Wallet & other stories was exhibited at the Malaysian Pavillion during… Read More »

The Resistance in Life

If you try to push a very heavy object chances are that it will not move. The push resulted in the frictional force between the heavy object and the ground to spring into action. Friction is yet another faceless entity that comes into existence the very moment when it opposes motion. The harder you push… Read More »

Why Newton’s Second Law is So Important?

If we push an object and it starts to move, how fast would it move? If its pushed harder, how much faster does it move? How does the velocity of the object change? Or will the change of velocity with respect to time follow a certain rule? Before Newton nobody really knows what is the… Read More »

Westlake Book Day

Recently I was invited to share my experience as an author in Westlake International School Kampar. I conducted four talks in total to students from different age group including one large group on  international students from China. The challenge with different are group is how to keep the talk interesting and energizing. So it was… Read More »

In The News

There s nothing more exciting that being interviewed by the Press on what you do. It makes you believe that you are doing something meaningful in life. Something that s worthwhile to consider. Therefore the interview by New Straits Times is something to cherish for a Long Long time. I kept looking forward to the… Read More »

what is important in life?

I was with a Friend of mine who is a medical practitioner for a number of years and probably in his sixties. We were chatting about everything under the sun when he shared with me his philosophies of life. He knew exactly what he wanted when he was young hence his involvement in the medical… Read More »

What then do we look for?

I was nearby the immigration counter at an airport and in front of me was an elderly couple with their son. The son as telling his dad on how should he approach the immigration officer with the relevant information. His father looked kind of lost yet did not utter a single word. When it was… Read More »

The Magical Six

When I was young, I had this habit of exploring the realms of my creativity when most people are a sleep. Nocturnal as you might say. Yet it is  when almost everybody is sleeping, then the creative juices start to blossom. Equipped only with an old fashioned typewriter, I searched my mind for the kind… Read More »

Perhitungan Terakhir

I walked into the bookshop searching for a particular type of magazine. I found it after a while. In an impatient manner, I flipped over the pages quickly.    I didn’t know what I would find. When I found it, I remembered my heart leapt for joy. I was laughing. Probably not hysterically. As I did… Read More »

The rebirth of Topeng

It took me three weeks to complete the manuscript. Exploring the world of my own and extending the boundaries of my creativity furthest possible. I wrote. And I wrote.                             The only break was for meals and other necessities in life. It was a semester break. A perfect time to find solace and tranquility from within. Seeking none… Read More »